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 Types of Electric Vehicles


Electric vehicles are now available in a wide variety of styles, efficiencies and price points. To find the EV that might be right for you, it is important to first understand the categories available. These include:

three cars
A variety of electric vehicle types are lined up for charging at the University Town Center mall.
  • Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV): Electric-only range of 10 to 40 miles. After, operates as a hybrid vehicle using a gasoline engine. (Learn more about PHEVs)
  • Extended Range Electric Vehicle (EREV): Electric-only range of roughly 40 miles. After, a gasoline generator powers the electric motor for 300-plus miles.
  • Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV): All-electric. Range of 80 to 100-plus miles. No gasoline engine.
  • Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV): All-electric. Range of 25 miles. Limited to roads of 35 mph or less.

For help in choosing your next vehicle, visit these websites:

To make it easier to compare cars while shopping on the showroom floor, each car has a fuel economy label that outlines fuel costs and environmental impacts. EPA has devoted a Web page to explaining an electric-vehicle fuel economy label.


 More Choices

Neighborhood Electric Vehicles
small electric cart
The Polaris Gem e2 is one example among myriad styles of neighborhood electric vehicles. CREDIT: Polaris Industries Corp.

Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs) are also referred to as Low-speed Vehicles (LSVs). Not to be confused with golf carts, NEVs have a higher top speed and are equipped with safety features like headlights, windshields, turn signals and seat belts to be legal for some public roads. They can be useful to make short trips for shopping, social, and recreational purposes without using a gasoline-powered vehicle.

NEVS are defined in Florida Statutes (FS) 320.01 as “four-wheeled electric vehicles whose top speed is greater than 20 miles per hour but not greater than 25 miles per hour.” According to FS 316.2122, NEVs may be operated on public roadways that have a posted speed limit of 35 miles per hour or less and may cross roadways at intersections that have higher posted speeds.

A sampling of electric bikes available at Pedego Sarasota. CREDIT: Pedego Sarasota.
A sampling of electric bikes available at Pedego Sarasota. CREDIT: Pedego Sarasota.

Ride Electric

In addition to driving an EV or PHEV, there are choices available for electric bicycles, motor-scooters and motorcycles. Electric bicycles offer point-to-point transportation for one person and some cargo. For most of us, many of our errands and trips are less than 10 miles and within the range of electric bicycles. People that enjoy the feeling of riding a bicycle but may need some help with the associated physical activity might enjoy the freedom of an electric bicycle.

Electric motor-scooters are available with a range of up to 30 miles. Electric motorcycles with ranges of 60 miles or more have been available for a few years, each year the new models go farther and seem to get faster. Even electric boats are available.

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