Utility Service and Non-ad Valorem Assessment Rates, Fees and Charges

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Utility Service and Non-ad Valorem Assessment Rates, Fees and Charges

The rate resolution includes Utilities billing rates, miscellaneous charges, service charges, water and wastewater capacity fees, building permit review fees, and utility construction permit/inspection fees.


Water and sewer capacity fees are collected for any new connection to the county's water and/or sewer system based on an equivalent dwelling units (EDU) formula.

These fees represent a new connection's proportionate share of the costs of providing facility capacity to serve new connections; and it will produce revenues not in excess of those required to provide water and wastewater system facilities in order to serve the additional demands and needs on the system.

Rate Resolution

Equivalent Dwelling Unit

Connections may include those in franchise utilities and service areas where wholesale water service is provided by the county to the franchise and sewer system either through a new connection or a connection already in place.

  • Also, changes in occupancy for existing buildings.
  • Most fees are collected upon the issuance of a building permit.

For more information, call the Utilities Permitting Office at the appropriate number below:

  • Commercial and multifamily connections: 941-861-6767.
  • Single-family residential: 941-861-6767.


 Non-Ad Valorem Assessments*  

District Code

 Resolution Rate Calculation**
 Philippi Creek Area E  1001  2003-161
 Philippi Creek Area A  1002  2003-161
 Philippi Creek Area F  1003  2003-161
 Philippi Creek Area C  1004  2003-161
 Philippi Creek Area D1, D2, D3  1005  2003-161
 Philippi Creek Area K  1006  2003-161
 Philippi Creek Area N1, N2  1007  2003-161
 Lake Sarasota Sewer  1068  2001-103 / Reinstated 2006-219
 Lake Sarasota Water  1047  2008-122
 Shore Road  1048  2010-175
 Bay Point  1046  2010-175
 Nokomis 3A  1031  2010-060
 Nokomis 3B  1032  2010-060
 Nokomis 3C West  1033  2010-060
 Nokomis 3C East   1034  2010-060
 Nokomis 3D  1035  2010-060
 Nokomis Northeast  1036  2010-060
 Oak Ford  1043  2010-094
 Lucaya Country Club Wastewater  1044  2012-252
 Woodbridge Estates Wastewater  1041  2013-209



*Ordinances and Resolutions available upon request

**EDU (Equivalent Dwelling Unit) Resolution No. 2006-124 and table