Full Legal Name of the District

Sarasota County Health Facilities Authority


Public Purpose of the Special District

F.S. 154.209 The purpose of the authority shall be to assist health facilities in the acquisition, construction, financing, and refinancing of projects in any incorporated or unincorporated area within the geographical limits of the local agency.


Governing Body

County Commission


Fiscal Year of the Special District

Oct 1 - Sept. 30


Taxes, Fees, Assessments or Charges



Code of Ethics

See Sarasota County Ethics Policy.



[Chapter 62, Article III of the County Code]

Sec. 62-62. - Creation of Sarasota County Health Facilities Authority. A public body corporate and politic to be known as the "Sarasota County Health Facilities Authority" is hereby created pursuant to the authority hereinabove cited, same to be hereinafter referred to as "Authority." (Ord. No. 77-052, § 2, 6-21-1977)

Sec. 62-63. - Members of the Authority. The Board of County Commissioners of Sarasota County, Florida, shall constitute the members of the Authority and shall have and exercise those duties, powers and responsibilities as set forth in F.S. ch. 154, pt. III (F.S. § 154.201 et seq.) and F.S. ch. 159, pt. II (F.S. § 159.25 et seq.), with respect to health care facilities. (Ord. No. 77-052, § 3, 6-21-1977; Ord. No. 96-048, § 3, 6-18-1996)

Sec. 62-64. - Citizens Advisory Committee. An advisory council may be established by Resolution. (Ord. No. 77-052, § 4, 6-21-1977; Ord. No. 96-048, § 4, 6-18-1996; Ord. No. 2008-076, § 2, 6-11-2008)

Sec. 62-65. - Reserved. Editor's note? Section 3 of Ord. No. 2008-076, adopted June 11, 2008, deleted § 62-65, transition to term appointments to the Citizen Advisory Committee, which derived from Ord. No. 96-048, adopted June 18, 1996.

Sec. 62-66. - Review and approval of all bonded indebtedness required. The prior approval by the Board of County Commissioners of Sarasota County, Florida, of the creating of any bonded indebtedness by the Authority is required. Such approval must be evidenced by the adoption of an appropriate resolution. (Ord. No. 77-052, § 5, 6-21-1977)

Sec. 62-67. - Payment of expenses. All expenses incurred in carrying out the provisions of this article shall be paid by the Authority. Such expenses shall include, but not be limited to, the payment of all administrative, accounting and legal expenses, the pro rata expenses of the utilization of any County personnel or facilities, as well as the expenses of any experts or other advisors employed by the County as a result of the adoption of this article. (Ord. No. 77-052, § 6, 6-21-1977)

Sec. 62-68. - Obligations incurred by the Authority shall not be obligations of the County. Any obligations whatsoever incurred by the Authority shall be the sole obligation of the Authority and may not be in any way attributed to the County, nor may same be paid, either directly or indirectly, out of any County funds. (Ord. No. 77-052, § 7, 6-21-1977)

Secs. 62-69- 62-90. - Reserved.





Governing Body

Governing Body