The First Amendment Foundation has ranked Sarasota County’s website,, No. 1 among Florida county websites that were judged on more than 50 points in seven general categories — financial, accountability, meetings, contact information, records, ease of use and miscellaneous. Sarasota County’s website scored 84 out of 100.

Performance Dashboard

Learn how Sarasota County's eight strategic goals. View our performance measures and see how your government is achieving results in these important areas.

Real-Time Reports

Real-Time Reports is designed to provide updated information on activity within Sarasota County Government.


Expenditures are contained in a searchable database. Please note that the data contained on this website is raw data and therefore may not agree to any audited or published financial statements. Each month, data will be refreshed with current information including any corrections which may reverse or change the effect of previous entries.

Financial Reports

As the chief financial officer for the county – the Clerk and Comptroller oversees the preparation and presentation of Sarasota County financial statements in accordance with guidelines established by the Government Accounting Standards Board and other authoritative bodies.

Financial Policies

Policies and Procedures contains information from a variety of areas that affect day-to-day financial activities of Sarasota County.

Budget Documents

Budget Documents are a comprehensive source of information about Sarasota County property taxes and the county budget. Sarasota County is committed to financial responsibility and accountability. As part of that commitment, the Sarasota County Commission wants citizens to be informed about the budget process of the county, the sources of revenue and the spending priorities the Commission determines with public input.

Budget Amendments

Florida Statutes require that budget amendments authorized by resolution or ordinance be posted on the county website within five days after adoption. The resolution uses terms like revenues and appropriations to describe "from what source" and "for what use," respectively. Fund names and numbers are assigned to each fund source and/or fund use, immediately followed by the "budget major(s)," which are the categories of revenues and/or expenditures, affected by the amendment. As required in governmental accounting, and to ensure a balanced budget, revenues and appropriations must remain equal. Posted in compliance with Senate Bill 224, Section 8 which amends s. 129.06, F.S.

Revenue Sources

The Monthly Financial Report provides information about selected revenue sources for the current fiscal year, along with expenditure and grant information. The report also provides a financial comparison to revenue of the prior year at a certain point in time. Previous fiscal year reports are available upon request.

Solicitation Schedule

The status of current and future planned procurement solicitations is available in a searchable database. Information can be sorted and exported in multiple formats. Searchable fields include status, procurement type (bid, RFP, IFQ etc.), solicitation number, project name, business unit, target and actual advertisement dates, response dates, and notice of action dates. This information is updated on a monthly basis.

Disclaimer: The financial reports and statements of Sarasota County contained on the county's websites are historical information that present the county's financial position as of the date indicated on the report or statement.

The county assumes no liability for any reliance on these documents as representative of the county’s financial position beyond the dates indicated.