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800 West Perry St

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***This property is currently not on the market for sale. The bid period has closed and the status is under review. Please continue to visit the surplus website for status updates.

This property is currently on the market and is listed with The Leslie Brown Team, Keller Williams Realty Gold. For information on how to view the property please contact Leslie Brown at 941-468-1819 or 941-681-3420 or email The bid closes on 3/13/18.

Please view the documents attached below for disclosure information. To place a bid on the property, print and complete the contract attached and contact Leslie Brown for directions on submittal. Offers will be presented to the Board of County Commissioners at the Board meeting 4/10/18 at the Robert L. Anderson Building located at 4000 S. Tamiami Trail, Venice, FL.

To submit questions, please use the question form by clicking on the link below. Answers will be posted here on a weekly basis. 

Property Question Form

Question:  Can I get information about this home, back taxes or liens on the home?

Answer:  The County is immune from property taxes.  The County is unaware of any liens on the property.  All buyers are encouraged to obtain title insurance and to do their own due diligence.

Question: Why was the staircase removed from the deck facing the bay as well as the screen house over the pool? Was it because there was no permit for it or because of an offset restriction? If it was b/c of an offset restriction then how much more clearance is required. For example, if the staircase was 1 foot too close to the seawall could a new seawall be built 1 foot in front of the current seawall? The property has a lot of submerged land and I've heard that seawall can often be built 1 foot out from the original, is this true, or would it have to be in exactly the same space, or could the seawall be extended several feet in front?

Answer: The staircase and screen over the pool were removed because they were constructed without permits.  With regard to the seawall, as a part of a buyer’s due diligence, it may be appropriate to contact Sarasota County environmental permitting to pose any specific questions regarding seawalls.

Question: Would an escalation clause be accepted by the County Commissioners in the Contract for Purchase?

Answer:  No. This is a bid sale and an escalation clause is not contemplated in the Sarasota County Surplus Lands Code.

Question: Will the county entertain an offer? I have a buyer who wants to make a cash offer above the minimum bid of $550 and not go through the Auction. Would they accept an offer? And if so, how would the process work?

Answer: County owned land may only be disposed of in accordance with Florida Statutes and the County’s Surplus Lands Code (Ordinance), both of which are posted on the surplus lands web site for review.  The property at 800 Perry Street is currently available for sale via a public bid process.  Offers must be received by 5p.m. on March 13, 2018.  All offers meeting the minimum criteria will be presented to the Board of County Commissioners for their consideration.  The County cannot sell this surplus pubic land to a private entity or for-profit corporation without adhering to a competitive process to solicit an offer to purchase. Surplus public land may be sold to a non-profit or government entity in a private sale.  However, this property is currently actively on the market and the County is soliciting bids from the public at large.

Question: Is this property only auction or will the county accept a cash offer outside the auction?

Answer:  The disposition of public land is governed by Florida Statutes and the Sarasota County Surplus Lands Code, both of which appear on the web page at The County cannot enter into a sale of public land with a private person or for profit entity without going through a competitive process. This property is currently being marketed for sale via public bid. Sealed bids must be received by the County by 5:00 p.m. on March 13, 2018.  Bids meeting the minimum criteria will be presented to the Board of County Commissioners for their consideration.

Question: Are there any remaining open permits? Will the County be coming by to inspect anything after closing? Is a new CO needed prior to occupying?

Answer:  There are no open permits. A permit will be required to bring the 1st floor back into compliance with original approved improvements below base flood. The county will be monitoring the property to assure compliance.The existing CO remains in effect.     

Question: If one were to purchase both 800 W Perry and 50 Southwind, would they be able to vacate Perry Street and combine the properties? Would there be a possibility of purchasing the land including Perry Street.

Answer An adjacent property owner may petition the Board of County Commissioners ("Board") to vacate the right-of-way. The process is fully described under "Street Vacations" on the Real Estate Services webpage. The Board may approve or reject the petition in their sole discretion. A public hearing is required. There is no mechanism for a private party to purchase platted right-of-way.

Question:  Will a buyer have to remove the bathrooms on the lower level of 800 W. Perry Street?

Answer:  The permitted items shown in the attached permits below based flood elevation can remain (see PDF called "permitted items" below). If any items have been altered from the originally approved layout they would need to be removed.  If substantially improved or damaged it would have to be made fully compliant. The code would prohibit issuing permits that would make structure less compliant then whatever level of non-conformity legally exists. Otherwise whatever legal non-conformities exist could remain.

Question Who is responsible for the seawall at the end of Perry Street and, if the county, are there any plans to repair or replace it?

Answer: This ROW is county owned but is classified as “non-maintained”. Thus, the county is not planning to do any seawall repair on the county ROW (or adjacent private parcels) in the foreseeable future.