20 North Washington Blvd

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This property is currently available for sale. Offers must be received by Sarasota County Real Estate Services by Feb. 14, 2018. For information on the property and  instructions on how to submit an offer, please refer to the Information Sheet below.  (Links to documents appear at the bottom of this page).

Sarasota County staff may  not discuss details concerning the property during the offer period. All questions must be submitted using the questionnaire and answers will be posted on this page on a weekly basis. The link to the questionnaire appears below.

Property Question Form

Question: Can you provide the previous submitted purchase and sale agreement on the property, and any other correspondence from any other potential purchasers in the past 5 years? 

Answer: Your question will be treated as a public record request and has been submitted to the public records division. You will be contacted in the near future by someone in that group.

Question: Are there any development, zoning or operational restrictions on the parking lot? 

Answer: The property is located in the City of Sarasota and the City has regulatory authority.  Please communicate with the City for specific answers.

Question: Who currently parks in the parking lot? Do they pay any rental for the use of the parking lot?

Answer: Currently the property is a public parking lot and no rental fees are paid.

Question: If the parking lot is sold and developed in the near future, where will the employees and guest utilizing this parking lot park their vehicles?   

Answer: A County parking garage is located a few blocks away and there are other public parking lots nearby, as well as street parking.

Question: Can you provide the appraisal for the property and how the county assessed the value of the land for purchase?

Answer: Yes, the appraisal has been posted.

Question: Will the county submit to the board an offer under the asking price? 

Answer: Only offers meeting the minimum bid price will be presented to the Board of County Commissioners for consideration.  However, County Administration will be notified of all offers that are received.

Information Sheet - 20 N. Washington

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