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6901 Bee Ridge Road

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***This property is currently not on the market for sale. The bid period has closed and the status is under review. Please continue to visit the surplus website for status updates.

This 3.85 acre portion of the parcel located at 6901 Bee Ridge Road is currently on the market and is listed with Mark Coon P.A., Keller Williams Realty Select.   For information on the property and viewing instructions, please contact Mark Coon at 941-685-6895 or 941-556-0500 or email

To place a bid on the property, print and complete and sign the contract attached below. Please contact Mark Coon for specific directions on offer submittal. Contract offers must be received by Sarasota County Real Estate Services Division by 5:00 p.m. April 23, 2018. Offers will be presented to the Board of County Commissioners at the Board meeting May 22, 2018 at the County Administration Building located at 1660 Ringling Blvd., Sarasota, FL.

To submit questions, please use the question form by clicking on the link below. Answers will be posted here on a weekly basis. Staff cannot discuss the property over the phone during an active bid period. Additional documents and information are available at the bottom of this page.

Property Question Form

QUESTION:  Would the new owner of this property be allowed to have more than on entrance from Bee Ridge Rd so that each of the 3 homes to be built would have its own direct access to Bee Ridge Rd? Could one of those access points be in the right of way or set back area adjacent to the western most property line?

 ANSWER:  Per the LDR, if the houses come in as a subdivision, they will be limited to one access connection to Bee Ridge. However, if they are individual lots they would be allowed a single access connection. It should be kept in mind that we have Comp Plan Policy (TRAN Policy 1.3.7, that states: Whenever possible, access points shall be minimized and shared with adjacent developments to the extent feasible based on operational safety. To that point I would recommend that shared use access if not a subdivision.

QUESTION:  Does Sarasota County have any minimum road width requirements for access roads that might need to be built on this property? If yes, what are they?

ANSWER:  It would be 22 feet (11-foot travel lanes) but it could be reduced to 20 feet with a variance.

QUESTION:  Do public utilities (water, sewer, electric) currently exist on the property or are they instead available for connection at the property boundary? Are there any eminent domain proceedings involving this property?

ANSWER:  The site adjacent to 6901 Bee Ridge Rd. already has an 8-inch water distribution main going to the property.  Sewer service could be tied into the 12-inch force main in the Bee Ridge center westbound lane via a grinder pump station on the property.  This property was not acquired by eminent domain.  

QUESTION Would Sarasota County agree to allow a zoning change conducive to build and operate a church?

ANSWER:   Pursuant to direction of the Board of County Commissioners, this property is being sold with a restriction in the deed that reads as follows:   This conveyance is made subject to the restriction that the Property may be used only for the purpose of constructing and occupying not more than three single family residential dwelling units.    In order for a zoning change to be possible, additional Board action would be required. Additionally, zoning guidelines are based on many factors (including future land use maps, allowable special exceptions, etc.) and action by the Planning Commission would also be required.

QUESTION Do you have a Phase I Environmental Report?

ANSWER:  We have an old report for a portion of the property and have uploaded it to this website.