Fertilizer Management

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More than 60% of water pollution comes from things like cars leaking oil, fertilizers from farms and gardens, and failing septic tanks.
Be a part of the pollution solution!

Keep the Bay Blue, Not Green

Summer rains wash fertilizers and pollutants from our yards into our creeks and bays. Stormwater runoff carries the nitrogen and phosphorus from fertilizers into our waterways causing harmful algal blooms and killing aquatic life.

That’s why Sarasota County prohibits the use of fertilizer containing nitrogen and phosphorus during the summer rainy season, and why at least 50 percent slow-release fertilizer is required during the rest of the year.
Skip the fertilizer this summer!
June 1 - Sept. 30


Fertilize Less, Enjoy Florida More!

SUMMER June 1 - Sept. 30

  • Say no to nitrogen. Sarasota County  prohibits the use of any fertilizer containing nitrogen or phosphorus from June 1 through Sept. 30.
  • Green up with iron. Iron products with micro-nutrients keep lawns green through summer.
  • Get better dirt. Add compost to improve your soil and give your garden a boost.
  • Use Florida-friendly plants. Plants adapted to Florida need less fertilizer, water, pesticides and overall care.
  • Keep the clippings. Leave grass clippings on your lawn.Mow high for health. Mowing short stresses grass and makes it vulnerable to disease, pests and drought.

WINTER Oct. 1 - May 31

  • Watch the weather. Rainstorms don't help fertilizers soak in, they wash fertilizers away.
  • Go slow by half. Sarasota County requires at least 50 percent slow-release  nitrogen in lawn or landscape fertilizers.
  • Blue not green. Keep fertilizer at least 10 feet away from waterways.
  • Skip the phosphorus. Sarasota County is naturally rich in phosphorus.
  • On your guard. Use a spreader with a deflector shield or edge guard to spread  fertilizer only where you need it.
  • Test your turf. If the problem is a pH Imbalance, pest invasion or disease, then fertilizer is not going to help.

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