Stormwater runoff is water which results from rainfall. Stormwater travels over land to streams and ponds and ultimately reaches bays. 

As Sarasota County grows:

  • Natural ground cover converts to watertight and impervious surfaces, such as buildings and parking lots.
  • This reduces the amount of rainwater that can soak into the ground. 
  • The increased runoff can cause serious flooding and water quality problems if not managed.

In 1989, we determined that the system in place was not adequate to meet all the problems associated with stormwater management. 

We established a Stormwater Environmental Utility to:

  • Control water quantity.
  • Enhance water quality.
  • Effectively manage stormwater.

The Stormwater Environmental Utility provides stable and dedicated funding for:

  • Long-range planning. 
  • Capital improvements to address existing as well as future concerns.

It provides the ability to develop and implement a stormwater management plan to ensure the proper planning, construction, and operation and maintenance of stormwater systems. We are committed to providing responsive, courteous, quality service to all customers in the maintenance, repair, improvement, management and operation of the public stormwater management system.