The County has been actively participating in the National Flood Insurance Program’s (NFIP) Community Rating System (CRS) since 1992. The CRS program provides flood insurance premium reductions to participating communities. The reductions are based on the community’s floodplain management programs, which include the public information outreach activities.

In 2016 Sarasota County initiated the Program for Public Information (PPI), a Federal Emergency Management Agency planning tool, to coordinate outreach efforts throughout the county.

The County’s purpose in developing this plan was to:

  • Improve communication and coordination of outreach efforts
  • To provide information about flood hazards
  • To provide outreach on how to protect people and property
  • To provide outreach on how to protect natural floodplain functions to residents

Working together with our communities makes us all more resilient.

Developed through the Unified PPI Committee, the plan was adopted in January 2019. The PPI committee is comprised of government staff from each municipality as well as stakeholders. The stakeholders are made up of Flood Insurance Agents, Lenders, Real Estate Agents, as well as local neighborhood associations and Mote Marine. Meetings are held quarterly and are open to the public.

This plan is part of Sarasota County’s overall Floodplain Management Plan, which is an appendix to Sarasota County’s Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS). The LMS is a state-approved multi-jurisdictional, multi-hazard plan that serves not only unincorporated Sarasota County, but also the City of Sarasota, the City of Venice, the City of North Port, and the Town of Longboat Key. The geographic and jurisdictional scope of the Sarasota County PPI includes all these communities within Sarasota County. This unified PPI provides all communities within Sarasota County messaging about flood, flood safety, and natural floodplain functions in a coordinated and efficient manner. This Unified PPI plan was created following the outline in the 2013 and the 2017 Community Rating System manual.

The plan is fully updated and readopted every 5 years. An evaluation report is due annually where the committee reviews the projects outlined in the plan and updates them based on their effectiveness. New projects are added and others are either revised or eliminated if deemed unfeasible.

For more information on the PPI program call (941) 861-5000. The PPI meetings are listed on the County Calendar and listed below:

02-20-2019     Agenda: Click here.     Notes: Click here.  
04-10-2019     Agenda: Click here.     Notes: Click here.
08-14-2019     Agenda: Click here.     Notes: Click here.  
12-11-2019     Agenda: Click here.     Notes: Click here.

03-11-2020 - CANCELED DUE TO PANDEMIC – Reschedule Date: TBD
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