Sarasota County’s flat topography and sub-tropical climate means we are prone to flooding from hurricanes or tropical storms, as well as heavy rainfall that can occur throughout the year. We experience coastal, riverine and urban flooding. 

Floodplain Management Planning Committee

To plan for these types of flood events, a Floodplain Management Planning Committee was created to develop and maintain the Floodplain Management Plan (or "the plan").  

Our timeline: 

  • The county adopted the first plan in 1997.
  • In 2010, the plan was updated in conjunction with the multi-jurisdictional Local Mitigation Strategy.
  • In 2015, the plan was updated as required every five years.
  • In 2016, to improve the plan, a new committee was created to include staff, members of the public, incorporated municipalities within Sarasota County and other regional stakeholders.
  • Our first committee meeting was Nov. 2016. 
  • Our first public open house meeting was Dec. 7, 2016.
  • The final draft of the Floodplain Management Plan document was completed in June 2018.
  • The Floodplain Management Plan document was adopted on January 29, 2019.

The Plan Statement

To promote awareness of the floodplain, assess flooding issues and set goals to make our community more resistant to flooding.

The plan is designed with the following objectives:

  1. To organize community resources to reduce or eliminate flood risks to people and property.
  2. To implement strategies prior to a hazardous flooding event to help reduce the impacts of a disaster, which can result in substantial savings in life and property following the event.
  3. To give guidance in developing pre-mitigation and post-mitigation plans.
  4. To identify priority projects and programs for funding.
  5. To increase the likelihood of state and federal funding for pre-hazard and post-hazard mitigation projects.

What’s Next?

Download the Floodplain Management Plan below, in the Related Documents section.

The restructured Floodplain Management Plan was formally adopted by the County Commission on January 29, 2019. The plan and projects list are reviewed quarterly by the committee and updated annually. An evaluation of the plan, update and re-adoption is required every 5 years. The Floodplain Management Plan is an annex to the Unified Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS) plan. We will re-adopt the Floodplain Management Plan early in 2021. This will allow us to evaluate, update and re-adopt on the same schedule with the Unified Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS) plan.


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