Flood Protection

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Stormwater Level of Service

Anywhere it rains, it can flood

Because of Sarasota County’s location on the Gulf of Mexico, flat topography, and sub-tropical climate, it is susceptible to coastal, riverine, and urban flooding from heavy rains, tropical storms, hurricanes and storm surge.

Find out what your flood hazard is now


Flood Zone Workshops

Learn more about flood hazards by attending our Flood Zone Workshops. These workshops will be especially helpful to residents, professional lenders, insurance agents and real estate agents. County staff will be available for questions and answers.


Flood claims workshops

Homeowners associations may schedule our latest workshop on how to file a flood claim. This presentation focuses on the steps policy owners need to take BEFORE A FLOOD OCCURS to ensure a flood claim is processed successfully. Your Community Rating System Coordinator is available to review these important tips at your next association meeting.


Flood insurance

Most homeowner’s insurance does NOT cover flood damage. There is typically a 30 day wait after the purchase of a flood insurance policy before it becomes effective. Renters and owners can purchase flood insurance in our area through the NFIP and many can qualify for Community Rating System (CRS) discounts. Buy flood insurance and protect your investment.
  • Contact the NFIP Referral Call Center at (888) 379-9531 to request an agent referral.
  • For more information about insurance visit www.floodsmart.gov


Stay safe

Sarasota County is a “Storm Ready County". During an actual emergency or threatening weather, follow the instructions of the Emergency Services Chief.

Floods are the most common and recurring natural disaster in Sarasota County as well as the rest of the nation. Don’t drive in flooded conditions. Learn about the power of moving water. Remember to "turn around - don't drown”!

Stay informed about weather conditions. Use the radio (tune to 1450 AM or 970 AM) as a reliable source of information and instruction. If flooding is present or imminent, be ready to evacuate if directed by emergency personnel.

Report downed power lines, leaking gas lines or blocked storm drains to the county immediately at 861-5000.


Protect yourself from flood dangers

Protect your pets!

Find out more about how to make a pet and animal emergency plan. 

Be Flood Smart

Being flood smart includes protecting yourself and your property.

  • Be sure major appliances, electric switchboxes, outlets and heating equipment are well above potential flood levels.
  • Raise your electrical system components.


Protect your property from flood hazards

Protect your property from flooding. Here are some ways to help you protect your property from flooding:
  • follow building requirements,
  • elevate your utilities,
  • flood-proof, build with flood resistant materials,
  • raise electrical components,
  • install sewer backflow valves,
  • keep your lawn waste and trash out of storm drains and waterways.

If you see blocked storm drains or ditches/waterways, report it by calling the contact center at 861-5000. Call Sarasota County at 861-5000 for a property protection consultation or site visit to evaluate your drainage and retrofitting options.


Build responsibly

Sarasota County enforces specific building regulations to protect people and buildings from flooding while maintaining natural floodplain functions. Find out what permits are required. Be aware of the substantial improvement, substantial damage, and the 50% rule! Hire a Licensed Contractor.


Protect natural floodplain functions

Floodplains are areas that experience flooding from rivers, lakes, ponds, and oceans. They perform many natural functions and provide flood and erosion control. They recharge our aquifers, improving surface water quality and protect ecologically sensitive areas. They are used for recreation and support a biologically diverse population.

Protect our floodplains and remember “Only rain down the drain”.

Protect your pets!

Protect your pets!

Protect your pets!

Protect your pets!

Protect your pets!