Water Conservation

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Testing for toilet water leaks

A leak can be determined by reading your water meter.
The majority of our water meters contain a leak indicator, such as a small triangle that turns when water is being used.
Should this dial turn or the numbers advance when no water has been used it may indicate that a leak exists in your plumbing system.

Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance

The water efficiency ordinance focuses on irrigation system efficiency and limiting plants requiring the most supplemental irrigation.

This applies to new construction and extensive remodeling. Grass and flowers are limited to 50 percent or less of the irrigated area. Separate irrigation zones are required for grass and tree/shrub/groundcover beds. Low volume micro-irrigation is required for plant beds. No plant root balls or spray irrigation is permitted under roof overhangs.

No grass should be planted in strips narrower than four feet except next to contiguous properties.