What is the Solid Waste Service Area?

The Solid Waste Service Area (District) was originally created in the 1950's to promote the common interest of the people of the county and to provide mandatory collection of residential and commercial waste. This helps Sarasota County promote the health, welfare and safety of the citizens and residents by providing adequate collection services throughout the unincorporated parts of Sarasota County. The District boundaries were updated in Dec. 2019 through the passage of Sarasota County Ordinance No. 2019-052.

Do I live in the District?

Most residences located throughout unincorporated Sarasota County are considered to be in the District. Residences located in the cities of Sarasota, Venice and North Port and the Town of Longboat Key fall outside of the District and are subject to different regulations.

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What services are included?
What types of items are collected curbside and how do I prepare them for pickup?
How are residents in the District billed for service?
Can I hire a private hauler if I live in the District?
What is the cost for service in the District?
I received a letter in the mail from Sarasota County Solid Waste regarding a change in collection services. What should I do?