Single-stream recycling is coming to Sarasota County!

Sarasota County has provided residential and commercial solid waste collection services to its residents and businesses via a franchise system for more than 35 years. More than 154,000 residential customers and 2,500 commercial customers are serviced weekly equating to 14M+ collections annually.

Collection service providers started using “automated collection” with carts in the early 1980’s. There are a number of benefits to this type of collection including:

  • Eliminating the need to separate materials, making it easier for residents to recycle.
  • Creating operational efficiencies and decreasing workers compensation claims.
  • Aligning with recycling processors single-stream sorting technology in response to changes in collection. 

Estimated Cart Delivery Dates

(Nov. 1- Dec. 20, 2019)

Determine the delivery time frame for your recycling cart below.

How to place your new cart at the curb


TIP the cart by placing
your foot on the metal bar.

ROLL the cart
to the street.

PLACE the cart
curbside. Keep
three feet away
from other objects.
Lid should open
facing the street.

  • Cart Basics

    • What changes can RESIDENTIAL customers expect in service?

    • What changes can COMMERCIAL customers expect in service?

    • When will the changes be implemented?

    • Do I have to use the new cart?

    • Can I provide my own cart?

    • How big are the carts?

    • Where do I store my recycling cart?

    • I didn't get a new cart delivered to my home. Who do I contact?

    • Can I get a second cart?

    • Will I be billed for the new cart?

    • What do I do with my old bins?

    • I have a PVC cart for my red and blue bins. Can it be recycled?

    • My cart was delivered broken. What should I do?

    • My cart was stolen. How do I get a new cart?

    • Will residents also receive a cart for trash?

  • Cart Delivery

    • When will my cart be delivered?

    • I will not be in Sarasota when the cart is delivered. Can you delay the delivery date?

    • When do I start using the new cart?

    • What happens if I use my recycling cart before January 6, 2020?

    • What happens if I use my old red and blue recycling bins after January 6, 2020?

  • How To Use The Cart

    • How do I load the recycling cart?

    • How do I place the cart at the curb?

    • What do I do if I have more recycling materials than what fits in the cart? Can I leave them outside the cart for pickup?

    • Do you still offer the one-time courtesy pickup for moving boxes?

    • What do I do if something spills in my cart?

    • My cart was tagged with a sticker or OOPS card. What does that mean?

    • What do I do with the cart if I am moving?

    • Is Sarasota County expanding the recycling program to accept more items?

    • Can I put compostable items in my recycling container?