Adoption Program

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Adoption Program

This innovativeKSCB Adopt-A-Road program provides private citizens, businesses and organizations an opportunity to support the countywide anti-litter campaign.

  • It provides a way to offer an inexpensive project that gives residents the satisfaction of making a contribution to their communities and can help generate publicity for a group's service activities.
  • Adopted areas are maintained as part of a joint effort to keep our environment clean and healthy and participation in the program is free.
  • Keep Sarasota County Beautiful’s program is currently focusing on the adoption of roads throughout Sarasota County.

What Keep Sarasota County Beautiful requires:

  • Perform litter removal in the Adoption Location.
  • Attend a safety meeting before performing litter removal.
  • Conduct a minimum of four (4) cleanups annually.  Participation in the Great American Cleanup (spring) and the International Coastal Cleanup (fall) is encouraged.
  • Complete the KSCB cleanup report and KSCB release form (below) and return to the KSCB office after the cleanup event(s)

What Keep Sarasota County Beautiful provides:

  • Safety training for the Adoption group.
  • Personalized appreciation sign.
  • Safety and cleanup supplies (gloves, trash bags, etc.).
  • Removal of trash bags, and large, heavy or bulky litter and debris.
  • Recognition of active Adoption group accomplishments.

How to get involved:

  • Contact the KSCB office at or by calling 941-861-5000 to inquire about roads in your area that are in need of an adoption partner.
  • Complete the KSCB application for the Adoption program (below) and KSCB agreement of maintenance form (below) and return the forms to the KSCB office.
  • Attend the Safety Presentation to review the program requirements and pick up your cleaning supplies

State Adopt-a-Highway Program

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) manage the State Adopt-a-Highway program. For more information, visit the FDOT website.

For More Information

Call the Sarasota County Contact Center at 941-861-5000 and ask for the Keep Sarasota County Beautiful office or email us at

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