Unified Development Code Project Statement

This effort is one of Sarasota County’s top priorities for 2017-18. The intent is to create a Unified Development Code that updates and brings together the county’s Land Development Regulations (Chapter 74 of the Sarasota County Code) and Zoning Regulations (Appendix A of the Sarasota County Code), while making sure that they align with the Comprehensive Plan.

The desired outcome will simplify the ability to find significant regulatory information applicable to any given piece of property, while harmonizing and clarifying the regulations as they are brought together. The new UDC will remove inconsistencies and address those provisions that may now be obsolete; and be a regulatory code that all users can easily read, understand and interpret.


Project Approach

Sarasota County has engaged the consulting firm of Calvin, Giordano & Associates (CG&A) to assist staff with this effort, and there will be ongoing community engagement throughout the process involving three phases:

  1. PHASE I – Discovery (March – July 2017) 
    1. Consultant shall go through an informational gathering process that involves researching codes and identifying issues after engaging with various individuals and groups.
  2. PHASE II – Public outreach and analysis (Aug. 2017 – Feb. 2018) 
    1. Consultant shall engage the community through survey, meetings, and public workshops to develop a proposed UDC suitable for the formal public review process.
  3. PHASE III – Formal review and adoption (March – Sept. 2018) 
    1. Consultant shall present a proposed draft of the UDC to the Board of Zoning Appeals; Development Services Advisory Committee; and Development Review Committee; and shall refine the draft as appropriate in response to their review.
    2. Consultant shall present a proposed draft of the UDC through the formal public hearing review process to the Sarasota Planning Commission and the Sarasota County Commission.

Regulations pertaining to how a property may be subdivided and developed in a safe, orderly, efficient, economical and environmentally sound manner; provides for public facilities and improvements; and avoids lands unsuitable for development due to poor soil conditions, flooding, unsatisfactory drainage, or other characteristic.

Zoning Regulations (Appendix A of the Sarasota County Code

Regulations pertaining to the division of land into different land use districts that are designed in accordance with the Sarasota Comprehensive Plan to achieve objectives.