The bid period closed on 10/5/2018.


The minimum bid is $85,000.

Questions & Answers

To submit questions, please use the Property Question Form. Answers will be posted on a weekly basis.

Q: In the event of a multiple offer situation, would a party making an offer get notified and would they have the chance to submit a best and final?

In the event of multiple offers, all persons submitting offers meeting the minimum County-approved bid requirements would be notified. However, only bids submitted before the bid deadline on October 5th at 5:00 pm would be considered as controlled by the provisions of Section 125.35(1), Florida Statutes and Sarasota County Surplus Land Code, Ordinance No. 2016-087.

Q: Size of Lot. Price and zoning.

Please review the property information sheet located in the Document Library below.

Q: Is this property part of the Sorrento Shores or any of the Sorrento neighborhoods, giving it access to the community dock option?

The property is a part of the plat of Sorrento Shores (Plat Book 6 Page 59). The county is not a member of any neighborhood or homeowner association. To determine eligibility for community dock access, check with the association(s) who may manage any community dock.

Q: How many square meters is the property? (Cuantos metros cuadrados tiene la propiedad?)

The property is 3,181.7 sq. meters, or 34,247 sq. ft. (125’ x 280’).

Q: Does the property have access to electricity, water, and sewer? (Cuenta con luz, agua y desagüe la zona?

To the best of our knowledge, the property can access electric service and potable water, but sewer would need to be extended from a nearby street. Buyer is responsible for verifying utilities service.

Q: How much are taxes on the property? (Cuanto es los impuestos que se tiene que pagar?)

We are unable to determine the amount of property taxes that will be assessed on the property at this time. Taxes are based on the Property Appraiser’s assessed value of the property and the applicable millage rate.

Q: Is the property in a flood zone? (Es una zona de riesgo de desastres naturales?)

The property is in Flood Zone AE.

Q: Where do I find out about how to purchase this property? How much asking, bid process??

Please review the property information sheet located in the Document Library below.