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Lakeshore Village Photo Slideshow

Lakeshore Village Condominium Association is located next to Mirror Lake Rookery. The neighborhood hypothesized that by naturalizing their shorelines, they could expand the territory for the birds. With partial funding from the county’s Neighborhood Initiative Grant Program, their project is now complete (although their quest to improve our waterways continues!).

  1. Several years ago, the community was experiencing erosion. They were concerned about loss of land and compromised trees.
  2. Lakeshore Village reclaimed several feet of shoreline with the use of geotubing, but also needed to change their practices to prevent repeat erosion. Because mowing to the water’s edge can accelerate erosion and pollution, they instituted a no-mow zone on the edges of their ponds.
  3. They also tried installing aquatic plants to protect the newly-reclaimed shoreline – but the ponds didn’t have littoral shelves (shallow spaces near the edge) to secure the plants. The plants were floating away! Flexing their creativity, the community used geotextiles to hold sediment in place and create underwater planting areas.
  4. Now the aquatic plants are anchored in place and loving it.