City map with Pincraft community marked on it with a loction "star."


Pinecraft Neighborhood Planning

Pinecraft is a historically Mennonite/Amish community in the suburban area of Sarasota County just outside of the city of Sarasota consisting of primarily of single family homes, with some commercial properties that line Bahia Vista Street.

Though the community has full time residents, its population grows substantially in the winter months when seasonal or vacationing residents come down from the north.

Pinecraft is a pedestrian and bicycle oriented community that that is divided by two four-lane arterial streets. The area has a unique character that results from its history and the culture and building practices of its residents.

In 2004, the county completed a Neighborhood Plan for Pinecraft that resulted in the widening of sidewalks and the addition of decorative lighting along Bahia Vista Street, the installation of two mid-block pedestrian crosswalks on Bahia Vista Street and one crosswalk on Beneva Road. Improvements were also made to Pinecraft park. 

In 2014, with the help of students from Goshen College, in Goshen Indiana the community produced the “Pinecraft Neighborhood Master Plan.”The plan consists of 25 “Proposals” that are categorized under “Safety and Transportation”, “Commercial Operations”, “Park Management” and “Setbacks and Zoning”. Each proposal identifies an issue or problem for the community, and proposes a solution. 

To address a number proposals in the 2014 Neighborhood Plan, county staff is currently developing a Pinecraft Neighborhood Zoning Overlay District. The district is intended to address the rental of bicycles on residential property, uses in commercial zoning districts, off street parking requirements, and development regulations in “Old Pinecraft.” 

County staff is also responding to some of the 2014 neighborhood Plan proposals through a Mobility Plan that addresses pedestrian facilities, circulation, and safety, including the configuration and lighting of pedestrian crossings of Bahia Vista Street and Beneva Road. Also planned is a pedestrian bridge over Phillippi Creek that will provide a connection to the  the residential area to the north of the creek.