Environmental Permitting

The Environmental Permitting team ensures protection of the Sarasota County’s natural resources by applying principles of avoidance and minimization during permit reviews, requiring mitigation for unavoidable impacts, conducting environmental compliance and monitoring, and encouraging environmental stewardship. The team provides guidance, offering options and solutions within the county’s environmental regulatory framework while achieving desired development outcomes that protect environmental features and enhance the quality of life in our community.

The Environmental Permitting team is responsible for reviewing and managing projects related to:

  1. Trees, Mangroves, Protected Native Habitats
  2. Coastal, Shoreline or Myakka River Construction
  3. Development Review (e.g. Land Use Petitions, Land Development, Building Permits)
  4. Environmental Compliance and Monitoring
Land Use and Development
West Coast Inland Navigation District Grants Program (WCIND)
Invasive and Exotic Reptiles

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Environmental Permitting and Projects