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 The current Saharan dust pattern has the potential to elevate particulate concentrations in Sarasota County.  Local particulate levels are being monitored and are reflected in the AQI value listed below. Statewide air quality information can be found at the following website:

Air and Water Quality manages the protection and restoration of the county’s air and water resources from impacts of pollution. Through various programs and in partnership with industry, safeguards our natural resources at domestic wastewater treatment plants, petroleum storage tank facilities, and at all industrial and commercial businesses that have the potential to pollute our air and water.

AQI Graphic 

Air Quality 7/11/2020:


Air Quality Index: 70

 Descriptor: Moderate

Major Pollutant: Particulate

Cautionary Health Notice: No

The Air Quality Index is updated daily after 1 p.m.

AQI Definitions

AQI Definitions