Transfer of Development Rights

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What are Transfer of Development Rights (TDRs)?

In the context of Sarasota County, a TDR is the right to build a single dwelling unit that is being transferred from one property to another. The purpose of a TDR Program is to direct development off environmentally sensitive lands (the sending property) onto lands that are more suitable for development (the receiving property), conserving environmentally sensitive lands.


Sarasota 2050 RMA Policy TDR Program

  • On April 27, 2016, the County Commission approved a valuation of county-owned TDRs of $23,000 (10% percent of a single-family residential unit within the County, using an MLS report), with the values updated annually.  These TDRs are available for use in qualifying Receiving Zones under the Sarasota 2050 program. Each TDR is equivalent to one residential unit.
  • All sales and all use of TDRs must be consistent with the Sarasota County Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Regulations.
  • To be eligible to pursue county-owned TDRs, a party must file and pursue an application for zoning approval of a Sarasota 2050 development to establish a qualifying Receiving Zone.
  • TDRs must be purchased prior to the effective date of a rezoning. Interested parties that have pending rezoning applications for eligible TDR Receiving Zone sites may enter into a short-term Option Contract to provide certainty as to the purchase price and other terms.  Negotiations to purchase additional TDRs above the minimum required for an approved Receiving Zone development may be initiated at any time. TDRs are not transferable to other properties.

For additional information on the TDR acquisition process, please contact Sarasota County Planning and Development Services Department via phone at 941-861-5000 or email at