Sarasota 2050 Resource Management Area

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Sarasota 2050 is a Resource Management Area (RMA) System that creates a set of policies on top of the Future Land Use Map. It establishes an optional policy framework to enhance the livability of the County by preserving its natural, cultural, physical, and other resources with an incentive-based system for managing growth. This policy framework encourages a compact development form; simultaneously implementing a number of public benefits, allowing for continued growth and economic development that preserves environmentally sensitive lands and open space in a fiscally neutral manner for the County.


Resource Management Area (RMA)

There are six RMAs:

  • Agricultural Reserve
  • Rural Heritage / Estate 
  • Greenway 
  • Village / Open Space
  • Economic Development
  • Urban / Suburban

Sarasota 2050 Development Forms Outside the USB

Sarasota 2050 RMA Policy primarily limits development to 3 forms within Village/Open Space; a Settlement Area, Village, or Hamlet.

Each form of development is limited to those land areas designated on the RMA-1 and RMA-3 maps that are a part of Sarasota County’s Comprehensive Plan.

The Settlement Area and Village urban forms are essentially the same except for their respective geographical locations.

Settlement Areas are limited to those lands between the existing USB and the Future USB lines on the FLUM.

Villages are limited to those lands between the existing USB and the “countryside line” depicted on RMA-3. Hamlets are a transitional form of development intended to blend toward the more rural eastern area of the county.