Critical Area Plans

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Critical Area Plans (CAP) 

Critical Area Plans (CAPs) are one of the planning tools used to help implement the Sarasota County Comprehensive Plan by providing specific recommendations for certain geographic areas.

  • CAPs serve as a bridge between the broader characteristics of the Comprehensive Plan and the specific details of the zoning and land development regulations.
  • CAPs allow the county to provide specific recommendations for development of these areas to ensure that they are developed in a coordinated way, are compatible with the surrounding neighborhoods, and consistent with the goals, objectives and policies of the county’s Comprehensive Plan.
  • There are three type of CPAs: Corridor, Community, and Revitalization Plans.

Community Plans: These plans typically focus on specific improvements that improve the livability of neighborhoods. They may include recommendations for sidewalks, street trees, or new allowed uses. .They rarely include conditions for development approval.

Corridor Plans: These plans are centered along major roadways (for example, US. 41, I-75 connector roads). Components of these plans may address urban design, land use distribution and compatibility, drainage, and transportation needs focusing on access and circulation issues.

Revitalization Plans: These plans focus on the manner in which blighted or aging portions of the county can become more economically active. They typically include recommendations for land use changes and recommendations regarding the deletion or addition of uses. They may also include urban design elements.