Park Rules

The following are examples of prohibited conditions, uses and activities on or within county parks and beaches (See Ch. 90, Article II, Sarasota County Code of Ordinances for complete list):

  • Holding, drinking from, possessing or disposing of glass containers of any kind.
  • Dogs, cats and other pets outside of areas specifically designated for activities involving such animals, except for dogs trained to assist or aid disabled or handicapped persons when such dogs are actually being used to assist or aid such persons.
  • Unless otherwise permitted, leaving boats, trailers or vehicles unattended for more than 24 hours at a county park.
  • Operation of a bicycle within a posted area that excludes such use.
  • Operation of an automobile, truck, motorcycle, motor scooter, motor bicycle or other mode of transportation in excess of 15 miles per hour, unless otherwise posted by the county.
  • Overnight camping of any type except in those areas that are designated for such use or by Permit upon payment of any required reservation fees.
  • Disposal of any paper, waste, garbage, trash, cigarette butts, debris or other litter of any kind except in proper receptacles.
  • The sale of food or drink of any kind as well as the sale or rental of kites, athletic equipment, sports equipment, or any other items or the provision of services for remuneration. Provided, however, that the county may issue a permit, or enter into license agreements, leases or other agreements for the sale or rental of any of the above on such terms and conditions as the county shall deem proper and in the best interest of the citizens of the county.
  • The playing of sports and games in which an object is propelled through the air by any means except in those areas specifically designed or otherwise designated for such activities.
  • Fires, except in propane fueled grills; county-provided grills, fireplaces or barbecue pits, or that are associated with county-managed prescribed burns.
  • Soliciting or canvassing unless authorized by permit.
  • Destroying, cutting, carving, mutilating, moving, displacing, breaking off, hunting, injuring, defacing, marring, moving, digging, harmfully disturbing or removing from any area, or the waters thereof, any buildings, structures, facilities, cultural resources, including historic and prehistoric, equipment, park property, soil, natural water bottom formation, sand, gravel, rocks, stones, fossils, minerals, plants (including terrestrial, aquatic, marine, or epiphytic plants) or animals, artifacts or other materials.
  • Introduction of any plant or animal species to the environment by willful abandonment, negligence or for any other reason without permission from the county.
  • Air sports, watercraft, surfing, and sailboarding operated within a swim area designated by a buoy. Exceptions shall be made for the use of surfboards by lifeguards for water rescues. In addition, the following air sports shall be subject to the following requirements:
    • Persons engaging in kiteboarding shall launch and land the associated kites no closer than 200 feet from a swim area designated by buoys. Pedestrians and swimmers shall have the right of way
    • Persons engaging in parasailing shall be no closer than 500 feet from the water's edge of a beach located waterward of a public beach park.
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