We invite you to work side by side with library staff in your Sarasota County Library System.

Libraries merely exist with public funding, but we truly shine with the help of our volunteers. The need for volunteers throughout the library system is ongoing as the library evolves. There's always something new at the library--may the next new volunteer be YOU!

Apply online at Volunteer Sarasota County

Library Volunteer Coordinators

Elsie Quirk Library

Fruitville Library

Gulf Gate Library

Jacaranda Library

North Port Library

North Sarasota Library

  • Adults and Teens: Kristina Bausback, Customer Service Representative, 941-861-1377 or kbausback@scgov.net.

Osprey Library at Historic Spanish Point

  • Adults and Teens: Zina Jayne, Customer Service Representative III, 941-918-4037 or zjayne@scgov.net.

Shannon Staub Library

  • Adults: Joanne Schmaler, Assistant Manager, 941-861-1742 or jschmale@scgov.net.
  • Teens: Toni Salvatore, 941-861-1766 or tsalvato@scgov.net.

Selby Library

  • Adults: Cosette Cather-Knightly, Customer Service Representative I, 941-861-1108 or ccather@scgov.net
  • Teens: Heather Tweed, Librarian, 941-861-1132 or htweed@scgov.net.

Venice Library

Library Technical Services (1660 Ringling Blvd., Sarasota, FL 34236).

  • Adults and Teens: Darlene Mueller, Administrative Specialist, 941-861-5441 or dmueller@scgov.net.

Historical Resources (6062 Porter Way, Sarasota, FL 34232).

  • Adults and Teens: Larry Kelleher, Digital Media Technician, 941-861-6090 or lkelleher@scgov.net

For general volunteer Inquiries, contact Ellen India, Volunteer Development Coordinator, 941-861-1342, or eindia@scgov.net.