Reserve a Computer

Press Enter to show all options, press Tab go to next option

Quick Instructions

  1. Click on Reserve a Computer.

  2. Select the location at which you would like to reserve a computer from the dropdown menu.

  3. Type in your library card number. Select the Area, Date and Time.  NOTE:  You can only make a reservation for the current day.  

  4. Click Submit.

  5. Write down the computer station number, and the reservation date and time.  NOTE: If a reservation is not available at the time you requested, the system will show you the next available reservation.

  6. To accept a reservation, click Accept. To cancel a reservation, click Cancel this Reservation.

Reservations are held for a ten-minute grace period past the start of the session. After that time, the booking is automatically canceled, the computer becomes available for a walk-up booking and the ten minutes will be deducted from the user's daily computer allotment of 60 minutes per day.

 Please note that computer assistance is limited due to social distancing guidelines.