Hello! If you’ve been visiting us here these last few weeks, we’ve been counting down to reveal the One Book 2020 selection.

The One Book Selection Committee started with over 20 books to choose from, whittled it down to 9, then 3. Did your favorite make the cut along the way?

It’s time now to reveal the selection…drum roll please…

 by Kate Moore

They paid with their lives.

Their final fight was for justice.

Are you as excited as we are?

Kate Moore is an award-winning, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. A British writer based in London, she has published numerous Sunday Times bestsellers, writing across various genres including history, biography, true crime, gift and humor. She began her career in publishing after graduating from the University of Warwick and worked as an in-house editor at various publishing houses for over a decade, most recently as an editorial director of Penguin Random House, and now works full-time as an author, ghostwriter and book editor. She has written more than 15 books and her work has been translated into more than 12 languages.

Kate first discovered the story of the radium girls when she directed the play These Shining Lives by Melanie Marnich, which dramatizes the experiences of the Ottawa, Illinois dial-painters. While conducting research for the play, she realized there was no book that focused on the women and told their story in their own words. Feeling passionately that the women deserved such a book, she decided to write it.

Kate Moore will be coming here to Sarasota in January 2020 to kick off our new One Book campaign and talk about “The Radium Girls”. Registration opens in December, check back here for the details!

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