Second Pass Storm Debris Collection

Sarasota County has completed the second pass collection for vegetative storm debris. Any remaining debris should be properly prepared for curbside collection by Waste Management during regular weekly collection.


If you live within city limits of Sarasota, Venice or North Port or the Town of Longboat Key, you will need to contact the city to determine when your storm debris will be collected.

City of North Port             
City of Sarasota
City of Venice 
Town of Longboat Key 

(941) 240-8050
(855) 428-4526
(941) 486-2422
(941) 316-1988

Additional Information

If a resident hires a contractor to perform any type of work involving debris, you need to make sure that the contractor knows they are also responsible for disposal of the debris.

  • Contractors are required by law to dispose of debris properly; they cannot place it in the road’s right-of-way. 
  • This doesn’t apply to work performed by faith-based organizations and volunteers.
  • Debris from commercial establishments is the responsibility of the property owner. 
  • County debris recovery operations will not be provided to these parcels.
  • Commercial property owners should contact their insurance company for assistance or FEMA Small Business Assistance Program.