Veterans Services

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Sarasota County Veterans Services


Sarasota County Veterans Services Officers (VSOs) ensure that veterans and their families receive all federal and state benefits available to them. VSOs do this by providing effective, knowledgeable and dedicated representation to veterans and their families AT NO COST to them.

There are "financial planners" and "veterans counselors" who charge fees for this type of work. Using them rather than an accredited VSO can cost you thousands of dollars and you may still not receive the benefits you've earned.

Sarasota County VSOs are trained and accredited by the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs and other national service organizations to represent claimants in the benefits process.

VSOs are extremely well versed in all applicable federal and state laws to provide veterans and claimants the best representation.
The Sarasota County Veterans Services Office should be the first stop for veterans to receive a complete explanation of the benefits they have earned.

Call 941-861-VETS (8387) today to schedule your appointment with a Sarasota County VSO. This is a free service from start to finish.

  • We are not VA employees.
  • We work for Sarasota County, for veterans, their surviving spouses and eligible family members. It is our #1 priority to help you access the benefits you've earned!

No consultation fee, no fee for service, no percentage of your benefits received ... FREE.

Email us anytime with your questions, comments, and/or concerns at

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Need Assistance?

If you are aware of a family or individual in need of services dial 2-1-1 or 941-308-4357. This is the intake and referral service for related needs.


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Home loans for Vets

This service is available to U.S. veterans only.

To request a certificate of eligibility for Veterans Affairs home loan benefits, you must complete Veterans Affairs Form 26-1880 and submit it to one of Sarasota County's Veterans Affairs Eligibility Centers along with acceptable proof of service as described on the instruction page of the form.
Honorably Discharged veterans and some National Guard and Reservists may be eligible for a Veterans Affairs home loan guarantee. This guarantee, in some instances, will allow the borrower to make a low or no down payment loan. The loans are done through commercial lenders.

  • U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs/Home Loan Guaranty.

For a copy of the form and mailing address, call the Veterans Affairs office at 941-861-2899.
Do not send your Social Security Number (SSN) or Service Number in any email correspondence.


Prescription Care Forms for Veterans

Form 10-10EZ and an information packet is available for veterans to complete and send to Bay Pines Medical Center for enrollment in the drug prescription program.

  • Veterans Affairs medical care is available to honorably discharged veterans on a space available basis. 
  • For service disabled veterans, POWs and Purple Heart recipients medical care is available on a priority basis.

Eligibility requires a DD214 (Honorable Discharge).
For more information or to receive an information packet, email Darrell Butler:
Do not send your Social Security Number (SSN) or Service Number in any email correspondence.