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Use the Opportunities Available to Employees 

Your health and wellness choices are yours to make. Why not include the many programs and resources available to you through the Employee Health and Benefits team, where you, your health and wellness matter? If you are a county employee sign up now on TRAC.

Annual Employee Cardiovascular Screening Explained

If you have recently had your blood drawn at the on-site 2018 Employee Cardiovascular Below is an explanation of the labs and other available resources to assist you. 

  • Heidi-Jo Kaplan, RD is available for individual nutritional coaching sessions should you want additional information.            
  • Reviewing the combination of both lipids and inflammation enables healthcare providers to identify hidden risk and more accurately predict your cardiovascular health and ultimately begin or initiate more aggressive treatment when appropriate. 

Questions? Please email Eileen Bray-Richardson (

Lab explanation

Wellness Resources

Trainer helping employee learn the proper stretching method.

Individualized Stretching and Corrective Exercise Sessions

Are you moving less, becoming stiff or restricted and missing life's opportunities because of discomfort? Would you like to prevent this from happening to you? 

Work with a certified professional to get your flexibility and mobility back; prevent disease and discomfort; start moving; and feel years younger.

 The Stretch Relief and Corrective Exercise Program is free to all employees; both part-time and full-time.

  1. Enrolled employees can take advantage of free assessments, training, 1:1 sessions and classes to regain or maintain their posture, flexibility and movement.
  2. Stretch Relief and Corrective Exercise go hand in hand, as each session will be covering both aspects.
  3. During the first session postural photos will be taken to assess your posture and identify any postural deviations.
    1. These identified areas are caused by either muscles that are tight or muscles that are weak.
    2. These results give direction on what to stretch (tight) and what to strengthen (weak).
  4. The stretching technique is based on Active Isolated Stretching and the strengthening exercises are ones similar to what you might expect in physical therapy and exercises you can do at home.

Please Note: Employees must use personal time for the on-site registered dietitian, individualized stretching sessions or attendance at one of the many on-site exercise classes. 

Individualized Nutrition Coaching and Counseling

Let our on-site registered dietitian; Heidi Kaplan assist you in navigating these and any other nutrition concerns or changes you are considering. Heidi is also a certified diabetes educator who is available to you and your dependents to help manage not only your weight, cholesterol, blood pressure or digestive issues but diabetes as well. She can customize a healthy eating plan and encourage lifestyle changes that can result in an enhanced well-being.

  1. This benefit is free to all employees and their dependents 16 or older
  2. Limited early morning and evening appointments available upon request.
  3. Call 941-861-6833 to make your appointment for your FREE personalized nutritional coaching session.

Please Note:
Employees must use personal time for the on-site registered dietitian, individualized stretching sessions, or attendance at one of the many on-site exercise classes.  


(DELI) Diabetes Education and Lifestyle Improvement

DELI offers education on all aspects of diabetes. Help with nutrition, lifestyle coaching, blood sugar management and prevention of complications. Our goal is to help you manage your diabetes and enhance your quality of life. 

Person holding a blood monitor. Pricking their finger to get a reading.

DELI offers the following valuable benefits:

  1. Free diabetes medication (waving of the prescription co-pay).
  2. Free blood sugar monitor and testing supplies.
  3. Free lab testing.
  4. Free unlimited access to 1:1 coaching with a registered dietitian; diabetes educator and lifestyle coach.
  5. Free supplies for insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor. 

 You can join DELI if:

  1. You are an employee.
  2. You are a spouse or dependent 16 years of age or older with diabetes and covered by the county's medical insurance plan.
  3. Note: Retirees are not eligible.

How to Get Started:

Contact the Employee Health Center at 941-861-6833 to make an appointment and request your start up forms:

Notice of Understanding

Nutrition Assessment Form

Food Journals

These forms MUST be completed and handed in at your first appointment. Laboratory values will be required before you can see the Dietitian. Laboratory assessments/tests must be no older than six months from the date of initial meeting with the Dietitian. Additional questions can be sent to:

Please Note:
Employees must use personal time for the on-site registered dietitian, individualized stretching sessions, or attendance at one of the many on-site exercise classes.

Wellness Program Incentives

There are two types of Wellness Incentives one may be eligible to earn:

Wellness Cash ($100) is earned by completing Part 1 and Part 2 of the Cardiovascular Risk Assessment. Wellness cash is available to benefits eligible employees only (not spouses or dependents). Only offered for a limited time each year; so register early. Screening begins in January and runs until March.

  1. $100 maximum accumulation amount per calendar year
  2. Two appointments are required:
    1. Appointment 1 (Part 1) is the lab appointment to have your blood drawn. This takes approximately 15 minutes. Labs are non-fasting and appointments must be made in TRAC.
    2. Appointment 2 (Part 2) is the review of the lab results, a posture assessment and heart rate variability; approximately 35 minutes.

Items to note about the Wellness Cash Incentive:

  1. Attendance to both appointments (Part 1 and 2) is required to receive the $100 cash incentive
  2. Only the labs drawn at the Cardiovascular Risk Screening dates are considered for cash incentive
  3. Wellness Cash payroll distribution will be approximately April of the same year
  4. Screening appointments (Part 1 and 2) are offered once per year and all appointment dates are listed in TRAC. Appointments will be released for TRAC registration approximately two months prior to first screening date.
  5. Labs drawn are cardiovascular inflammatory markers, advanced lipids and hemoglobin A1c 
  6. The Cardiovascular Risk Screening labs cannot be used to meet the Medical Insurance Premium Reduction biometric requirement (i.e. preventive laboratory assessments that accompany a preventive physical exam and that are ordered by your health care provider are the only labs that meet the Insurance Premium Reduction requirement)

Medical Insurance Reward Credits ($150) are available to employees choosing one of the county’s medical plans as well as to covered spouses also covered by one of the medical plans. Both the employee and covered spouse have the potential to earn the annual maximum of $150 in Medical Reward Credits.

Items to note about the Medical Insurance Reward Credits:

  1. Medical Insurance Reward Credits not used toward your deductible, co-insurance or health fund one year, will roll over to the next year, reducing your deductible or co-insurance or increasing your health fund balance even further.
  2. Exception for employees who change their medical plan coverage from the Aetna Health Fund to the POS II plan forfeit unused credits.
  3. Individuals going from the POS II plan to the AHF plan will retain unused balances, which will be forwarded and available in March of the same year.
  4. Rollover credits are available to use at the beginning of the plan year for those who stay in the same medical plan from year to year.
  5. Currently, there is no cap on the maximum amount of Medical Insurance Reward Credits that can be rolled over into a new year.
  6. Dental Exam for dental exam not cleaning only. Suggested codes: D120, D140, D150.
  7. Dermatology exams are covered 100%. Exception is if the provider performs a biopsy; then there is a co-pay for this procedure.
  8. Pleas note: plan year runs January-December. 

Medical Reward Credit Form for Vision and Dental

Stress Reduction Programs

Over time, high levels of stress lead to serious health problems.You don't have to wait until stress has a negative impact on your health. You can begin practicing some simple but effective stress relief tools right now.   

With these practical and powerful techniques, you can take control of your stress and limit detrimental effects.You can learn ways to increase your state of ease, levels of well-being, and ability to bounce back from challenging situations!

Stress-Relief Programs for employees:

  1. Six Keys to Stress Reduction and Self-Care.
  2. Intensive eight-week Stress Reduction geared toward high stress, chronic pain, depression and hypertension sufferers.
  3. Practical Stress-Relief in the Workplace.
  4. Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Sign up for all classes on TRAC. Questions or comments, contact  Darcy Lord Ph.D., Stress-Reduction Educator and Health Promotion Specialist at or 941-650-5294. 

Six Keys to Stress Reduction and Self Care Program

Key 1 - Self Respect

Key 2 - Empowerment

Key 3 - Body Matters

Key 4 - Appreciating Now

Key 5 - Self Talk

Key 6 - Hearts Intelligence

Flu Shot Clinics 

Free on-site flu shots for you; a spouse and/or dependents 18 years or older.

The 2017 Employee Free Flu shot clinics are completed, however employees may still get a flu shot at the Employee Health Center on Cattlemen from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For more details call 941-861-6833. 

Seasonal flu has a fairly predictable season to it, typically starting in the fall and ending by early spring. Getting your flu shot early and annually is your first step in prevention. Most experts believe that you get the flu when a person with the flu coughs, sneezes, or talks and droplets containing their germs land in your mouth or nose. You can also get the flu by touching a surface or object that has the  flu virus on it and then touching your mouth, eyes, or nose. 

So frequent hand washing and covering your cough are other important steps to reduce spreading the flu.

Additional information can be found on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website at or

Employee Stall Talk

Stall Talk is a bi-weekly Benefits and Wellness publication that goes, as the name suggests, in the bathroom stalls of county buildings!  

Employees are encouraged to help us get the word out about the wonderful programs offered. If your building doesn't yet have Stall Talk consistently updated, let us know, and perhaps volunteer to be the designated "Stall Talk contact" for your building. 

Current issue of Stall Talk

Tobacco Cessation

Sarasota County Government has teamed up with Tobacco Free Florida to provide you with all the resources you need to quit. Participate in an individualized smoking cessation program and choose which FREE and EASY option is best for you: 

  1. Talk to a Quit Coach over the phone 1-877-822-6669
  2. Online Web Coach
  3. Face-to-face classes can be found at:

More about the smoking cessation program options