Occupational Health Services

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Employee Health Center

Employee Health Center Waiting Room

The Employee Health Center provides on-site occupational health services as well as healthy lifestyle coaching to employees, applicants and retirees. 

Occupational Health Services

  1. Promotional and/or periodic physical examinations.
  2. Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals.
  3. Hazardous materials; Special Ops exams.
  4. Hearing/Audiological testing.
  5. Drug /alcohol testing.
  6. Immunizations.
  7. Respirator Clearance, see forms below. 
  8. Chronic Disease Management.
  9. Post-exposure to blood borne pathogen counseling and testing. 

Pre Employment Examinations

Physical Exam Process 
Your physical at the Employee Health Center is more than just an examination. You will be provided a comprehensive review of your health history and current health status, as well as an explanation of the wellness resources offered by the county to achieve your wellness goals.

Note: You should arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time to ensure adequate completion of paperwork.

After Hours Drug/Alcohol Testing

Contact Arc Point Labs at 941-388-7745 OR 941-306-9929.


Living Well Programs

At the Employee Health Center, employees have access to educational resources and counseling for certain personal health issues, such as; nutritional coaching, disease management, personal training, stretching sessions, stress reduction techniques and much more. 

Employee Health Center Contacts

Employee Health Center
1301 Cattlemen Road, Bldg. B
Sarasota, FL  34232
Phone: (941) 861-6833
Fax: (941) 861-6835

Angela Deem, RN, Manager (941) 650-9908


Sandra Slusher, RN (941) 861-6837


Kaitlin Brancato, RN (941) 861-6831

Heidi-Jo Kaplan, RD (941) 587-7202


Eileen Bray-Richardson (941) 861-6833


Pre Employment Examinations