Mosquito Fish

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 Several mosquito fish swimming in the water of a pond 

General Information

Mosquito fish, Gambusia holbrooki, are used for biological control of mosquitoes. These fish feed on mosquito larvae and pupae, zooplankton, and detritus. Mosquito fish prevent mosquitoes from developing to adults and they can survive in harsh conditions.

Mosquito fish are native to Florida, allowing them to sustain populations in ornamental and natural ponds, as well as abandoned pools. Sarasota County Mosquito Management finds value in using this species to combat mosquito populations.

We breed mosquito fish on site and provided them to the public free of charge.

Want to pick up some mosquito fish for your pond?

  • Please call the Contact Center at 941-861-5000 and ask for Mosquito Management Services.

Mosquito Fish Care:

When you get your mosquito fish, take care to ensure the fish remain alive during transportation and release. When you get home:

  • Place the bag of fish into the water source and allow for it to float for 10 minutes to acclimate the water temperature.
  • After, 10 minutes open the bag and release the fish into the water.
  • If the fish exhaust the mosquito larvae supply, you can supplement their diet with tropical fish flakes to maintain a healthy population year round.

Mosquito Fish Fun Facts:

  • It only takes three months for the fish to reach sexual maturity.
  • Female fish can rear up to 100 offspring at one time.
  • Breeding can occur up to nine times per year for a single female fish.
  • Adult fish can consume up to 100 mosquito larvae per day.

a single fish looking right at the camera head-on