Sarasota County Mosquito Management Services is dedicated to protecting and promoting public health by managing mosquito populations through environmentally sound and fiscally responsible practices.

Mosquito Spray Schedule

No contracted adulticide missions are currently planned.

Mosquito Management

At Sarasota County Mosquito Management, there’s no rest in combating mosquitoes. Our team of dedicated technicians (Joe Pizzo, Alma Concannon, Winston Allen, Phillip Rains, Isaac Congleton, Isaias Godoy and Laura Kroll) is currently involved in multiple projects designed to help protect our community from humanity’s deadliest enemy: mosquitoes. We’re modifying our ultra-low volume sprayers to more efficiently apply adulticide while maintaining high accuracy.  We are also developing new tools to help monitor and treat catch basins, a plentiful and hidden breeding ground for mosquitoes.

These are just a few examples of the innovation and effort that helps Sarasota County Mosquito Management maintain its reputation as a world-class program.

Sarasota County Mosquito Management is dedicated to the principles of Integrated Pest Management which emphasize practices that ensure a healthy ecosystem for humans, animals and insects.

Help prevent mosquito breeding and protect yourself

Follow the 5 D's:

  • Dusk and Dawn – avoid being outdoors when mosquitoes are biting.
  • Dress – wear clothing that covers most of your skin.
  • Defend yourself use repellents.
    • Repellents that contain Picaridin, DEET (N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide, or N,N-diethyl-3-methylbenzamide).
    • Oil of lemon eucalyptus, IR3535 and permethrin are some repellent options.
  • Drainage – check around your home to rid the area of standing water, which is where mosquitoes can lay their eggs.

Trapping and disease surveillance

Sarasota County has several dozen carbon dioxide bated traps placed throughout the area which serve as a method for population surveillance. During mosquito season, May 1 until Oct. 31, these traps are collected several times per week and adult mosquitoes are counted.

For disease surveillance, Mosquito Management Services uses specialized traps to attract blood fed female mosquitoes. Sentinel chicken populations are also monitored year-round.
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