Sarasota County Mosquito Management Services is dedicated to protecting and promoting public health by managing mosquito populations through environmentally sound and fiscally responsible practices.

No mosquito spray mission scheduled for 8/3/20

MMS advises the public to remain diligent in protecting themselves from mosquito bites by following the message:

Drain and Cover

  • Drain standing water to stop mosquitoes from multiplying.
  • Cover your skin with clothing and use mosquito repellent.
  • Cover doors and windows with screens to keep mosquitoes out.

To report a mosquito problem or request information call 861-5000.


How to sign up to receive mosquito spray notifications from Alert Sarasota County 

UPDATE: You can now sign up for mosquito spray notifications in Sarasota County (unincorporated) and any of the following municipalities: City of North PortCity of Venice, and City of Sarasota.

Follow these instructions:

Go to 

Fill out necessary information to complete the SIGN UP page, MY PROFILE page and MY LOCATIONS page.

Verify your address when cued to do so.

When you arrive at the MY SUBSCRIPTIONS page, under the ALERT SUBSCRIPTIONS heading, expand the COUNTY INFORMATION menu by clicking on the triangle to the left of the box. Additional options will appear.

Then, expand the PUBLIC HEALTH AND SAFETY ALERTS menu by clicking on the triangle next to the box. A series of notification options will appear.

Click the box next to any alerts you wish to receive including MOSQUITO SPRAYING.

Once you make your choices, you may add quiet time restrictions.

Save and review your information. You will be offered an opportunity to send yourself a test notification.

Click the FINISH button and you're all done


Alert Sarasota County replaces CodeRED


Starting June 1, 2020, Sarasota County Mosquito Management will discontinue its use of CodeRed and begin using the new county-wide emergency notification system Alert Sarasota County. This new service will continue to provide notifications of mosquito spraying in your area, but only if you register on the website or mobile app and select the box for mosquito spraying. Residents can choose the manner of contact (text, email, phone) and even ensure they are not disturbed by notifications at specific times. You can also choose to be alerted to a number of other emergency and non-emergency events affecting Sarasota County. Signing up is quick and easy. Take a few minutes to make sure you know what’s coming before it gets here. Click the links above and sign up today!   #SRQCountyMMS

Seasonal help arrives!


With the arrival of summer and the mosquito season, Sarasota County Mosquito Management is bringing in reinforcements. 11 seasonal employees have joined the fight against mosquitoes and will support the regular staff from May until the end of October. While some aides will assist the environmental scientists with mosquito surveillance and identification, most will drive the roads of Sarasota County, spraying ditches to help reduce mosquito larvae populations. This extra help effectively doubles the work force at MMS and frees up year-round mosquito technicians to focus on service requests and surveillance. Seasonal aides are a vital part of Sarasota County Mosquito Management’s overall mission to control the mosquito population in an environmentally friendly and fiscally responsible way. They are also valuable members of our community, working hard to make Sarasota a great place to live.


How to dispose of old tires

tires against wall

That old tire in your backyard is probably never going back on your car. But, left outside, it will collect rainwater and become a breeding ground for some of the deadliest mosquitoes known to man.

Tires are uniquely suited to mosquito breeding: they offer a dark, warm, and predator-free environment in which larvae can thrive.  And, as water evaporates very slowly from the inside of a tire, it can become a long-term habitat for multiple broods of mosquitoes. 

That’s not what you want in your yard. But how to get rid of it?

Good news! Legally disposing of an old tire is actually easier than illegally dumping it in an empty lot. Just leave it by the curb on garbage day.

Up to four tires a week can be left in front of your home for pick up during regularly scheduled waste collection. Tires must be 25-inches or less in diameter.

Larger tires can be dropped off at the Central County Solid Waste Disposal Complex located at 4000 Knights Trail Road, Nokomis, for a standard disposal fee.  More information can be found here.

Or contact a tire recycling company if you’re interested in other options.

Fight the bite! Removing old tires from your yard can relieve an eyesore and prevent itchy ankles at the same time.#SRQCountyMMS


Changes to MMS service request procedures:IMG_1702

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, Sarasota County Mosquito Management is initiating the following changes to service request procedures:

In an effort to maintain safe social distancing, reliable phone communication between MMS staff and anyone requesting service will be necessary.

Prior to beginning a scheduled service request, an MMS technician will contact the customer by phone and request that the customer:

    Upon completion of service, the MMS technician will again call the resident and discuss what services were performed and if further inspection or treatment is needed. If the technician is required to return to the residence, the same procedure as stated above must be followed.

    Please understand that these precautions are intended to protect the residents and community as well as the technician.

    If you have any questions, please contact Sarasota County Mosquito Management at (941)861-5000.

    Changes to MMS Fish Pick Up procedures:

    All residents interested in picking up mosquito fish from Sarasota County Mosquito Management should contact the MMS office through (941)861-5000 or the county website

    and fill out a service request form. In the comments section of the form, please include your preference for picking up fish at our office at 5531 Pinkney Ave., Sarasota  FL, 34233.IMG_6034-1

    Once arrangements have been scheduled, fish will be available for pick up outside the front door of the MMS main office between 7:30 AM and 4 PM. Bags of fish will be labeled with customer’s name and placed in a cooler. No physical contact between customers and MMS staff will be required.

    Watch our team in action! 

    Ever wonder how Sarasota County mosquito technicians eradicate larvae before they grow into blood-sucking adults? This video shows staff employing integrated pest management to keep the ecosystem healthy.  

    Our Favorite Skeeter


    On the lot at Sarasota County Mosquito Management, a grey and white tabby named Skeeter patrols the grounds around our nationally recognized aquaculture center.  More than a mere pet, this fixed feline provides pest control without chemicals, something we’re in favor of very much at Mosquito Management Services. 

    “She doesn’t kill birds,” says David Jenkins, the Aquaculture Manager, as he feeds her with donated food. “She does a great job keeping the area free of pests without a drop of pesticide. It’s a model we’re always working toward at MMS.”

    After a busy night of scaring away rats and roaches, Skeeter can be found happily snacking on the misguided mosquito fish that leap from the safety of the tanks to errant freedom. “She cleans up fish off the ground that would otherwise bring ants, too,” Jenkins says. “I wish we could put her on payroll.”Dave and the cat

    At Sarasota County Mosquito Management, we are dedicated to the principles of Integrated Pest Management which emphasize practices that ensure a healthy eco-system for humans, animals and insects.

    Help prevent mosquito breeding and protect yourself

    Follow the 5 D's:

    • Dusk and Dawn – avoid being outdoors when mosquitoes are biting.
    • Dress – wear clothing that covers most of your skin.
    • Defend yourself use repellents.
      • Repellents that contain Picaridin, DEET (N,N-diethyl-meta-toluamide, or N,N-diethyl-3-methylbenzamide).
      • Oil of lemon eucalyptus, IR3535 and permethrin are some repellent options.
    • Drainage – check around your home to rid the area of standing water, which is where mosquitoes can lay their eggs.

    Trapping and disease surveillance

    Sarasota County has several dozen carbon dioxide baited traps placed throughout the area which serve as a method for population surveillance. During mosquito season, May 1 until Oct. 31, these traps are collected several times per week and adult mosquitoes are counted.

    For disease surveillance, Mosquito Management Services uses specialized traps to attract blood-fed female mosquitoes. Sentinel chicken populations are also monitored year-round.
    Contact Us Phone Address
    Mosquito Management Services 941-861-5000 5531 Pinkney Ave, Sarasota, FL 34233