Probation Advisory Board

The Probation Advisory Board (PAB) is a sub-committee of the CJC.  The purpose of the PAB is to monitor the operations of Sarasota County’s misdemeanor probation program.  While providing a felony probation program is the responsibility of the State (Department of Corrections), providing a misdemeanor program is the responsibility of the County pursuant to statute.  Sarasota County contracts with a private vendor to provide this service.  The provider charges the probationer a fee and provides this service at no cost to the County.  The Criminal Justice Policy Coordinator serves as the Contract Manager for this program and the PAB monitors the program on a quarterly basis.  Membership on the PAB is comprised of the Chief County Judge, and representatives from the service provider, State Attorney, Public Defender, Department of Corrections, and Sheriff’s Office.   Agenda and minutes available upon request. 

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