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Sarasota County is working diligently to become a location of choice for green and clean technology businesses. Floridians understand the undeniable link between sustainability and the economy. Sarasota County is uniquely positioned to help companies in this sector grow – from renewable energy installers and organic produce distributors to hospitals and small businesses committed to green operations – we have recognition programs and financial incentives to support sustainable businesses. More and more clean technology and sustainable businesses are enjoying successes in Sarasota County, and with all we have to offer, the future for companies is clean, green and very bright.

Corporate Headquarters

Sarasota County is the perfect location to relocate or expand a corporate headquarters, as Florida is one of the largest economy’s in the United States. Sarasota County has the top workforce training, world-class business amenities and infrastructure, a highly skilled workforce, tremendous diversity and low taxes. We are the perfect climate for businesses to thrive.


Sarasota County has become a true “film-friendly” and proactive production location. With hundreds of projects being assisted here annually, production companies from around the world are choosing Sarasota County to meet their needs for movies, television programs, commercials, music videos, documentaries, reality shows, and more. In addition, the renowned Sarasota Film Festival and other top-notch festivals add to our recognition and credibility throughout the film and entertainment industry. Sarasota County has what it takes and is doing the work necessary to become a world-class film and entertainment location of choice, because we truly understand show “business!”

Financial/Professional Services

Florida is a leading player in the financial and professional services industry. The diversified nature of Florida’s economic structure attracts many professional services, such as accounting, consulting, finance, and insurance. Sarasota County employs over 25,000 individuals in nearly 7,500 companies in the financial and professional services industry. This number continues to grow as more and more business relocate to our highly desired region. We are an excellent hub for growing talent and offering high-paying jobs.


Sarasota County delivers the ideal environment for infotech and innovation. The driving force behind advancements in the infotech industry in Sarasota County is the cultural infrastructure. By fostering creativity, innovation and diversity, we promote success in all aspects of information and technology. The stage is further set for success in the infotech industry with the culmination of a growing millennial population, top-rated education system and top-rated quality of life and customer satisfaction. Sarasota County is truly a rich environment to build partnerships that will allow for the development of the next generation of technology.

Life Science

Sarasota County has been established as a highly attractive business location for the life sciences industry. As a business-friendly location, Sarasota County offers incentives to provide sales and use tax exemptions for companies in the life sciences industry. Not only are we cost-competitive, but we are also a reputable transportation hub with a nearby deep-water seaport as well as five commercial airports situated within two hours of the County. Sarasota County offers a perfect environment and a qualified workforce to achieve medical advances and advanced research on health issues.


Sarasota County attracts a wide range of manufacturing companies by maintaining a cost-competitive market, offering economic incentives and serving as a transportation hub in Florida. There are over 450 manufacturing companies in Sarasota County and the total manufacturing base is continuing to see growth. The Sarasota County manufacturing industry is top-notch, diverse, and inclusive of companies producing intermediate, finished and specialized products.