Vision: To build an economically viable community.


Mission: We build intergovernmental, community and business relationships to advocate, facilitate and manage Sarasota County’s legislative and economic development priorities.


Department Objectives:

  • Support community priorities and financial sustainability through advocacy

  • Facilitate policy, programs and regulations that aid community and economic development priorities

  • Management of the development, reporting and implementation of legislative and economic development programs


Summary of Service: Governmental Relations is composed of two key functions.

  • Intergovernmental Relations

  • Business Relations

            Intergovernmental Relations coordinates the development and support of the Commission’s annual state and federal legislative priorities and lobbying activities. This function represents the County and Administrator among various community organizations, as well as federal, state, regional, and local governmental agencies.

            Business Relations acts as the liaison to the Economic Development Corporation and is the conduit for business-related functions in the Comprehensive Plan. This key function provides customer assistance to businesses using a concierge-style unique to Sarasota County.



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