Emergency Operations Centers in Sarasota County on a sunny day.

The mission of Emergency Management is implemented through the Disaster Preparedness Program for:

  • Natural and man-made disasters.
  • People with Special Needs Program.
  • Public Education Program.
  • K-9 Search and Rescue Program.

This agency is charged with the development and maintenance of a Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan, the purpose of which is to:

  • reduce the vulnerability of people and communities of Sarasota County to loss of life, injury or damage and loss of property resulting from natural, technological or man-made emergencies such as acts of terrorism or major special events, catastrophes or hostile military or paramilitary action;

  • prepare for prompt and efficient response and recovery activities to protect lives and property affected by emergencies;

  • respond to emergencies using all systems, applicable laws, plans and resources necessary to preserve the health, safety and welfare of persons affected by the emergency;

  • recover from emergencies by providing for the rapid and orderly implementation of restoration and rehabilitation programs for persons and property affected by emergencies;

  • assist in anticipation, recognition, appraisal, prevention and mitigation of emergencies that may be caused or aggravated by inadequate planning for, and regulation of, public and private facilities and land use;

  • establish the concepts under which the Sarasota County Government will operate in response to disasters through integration; define the responsibilities of elected and appointed local government officials and department heads.

  • define the emergency roles and functions of city and county departments and agencies;

  • provide local guidelines based upon the Rule of Law as it pertains to disaster response;

  • provide and coordinate appropriate and available mutual aid response to other disaster-impacted jurisdictions, if requested through the State Emergency Operations Center, in accordance with the Statewide Mutual Aid Agreement. 

Be Prepared for Any Emergency

Create a disaster plan for your family, business and neighborhood. We can help.

  • If you live alone talk to your neighbors and friends about developing a neighborhood response plan. 
  • Being prepared is your best protection and your responsibility. 
  • A good disaster preparedness plan provides a margin of safety protecting you, your family and your neighbors.
  • Having a disaster plan improves your communities’ ability to recover.
  • Let’s work together and be prepared.

Disaster Planning Guide

Healthcare Facility Comprehensive Emergency Management Plans (CEMP)

Sarasota County Healthcare Facility CEMP Resource Portal

To view current status of your CEMP please click here.

Sarasota County Emergency Management has the statutory responsibility of reviewing and approving the CEMPs based on the criteria established by the State of Florida Agency for Healthcare Administration for the following licensed healthcare providers:

For CEMP review criteria click on one of the specific licensed healthcare providers above or at the Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA) website.

For information on how to submit your CEMP please email: HealthcareCEMP@scgov.net.

For additional questions, call the county's Contact Center at 941-861-5000.