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2018 Sarasota County Neighborhood Challenge

Neighborhood Challenge Overview

(Review the Neighborhood Challenge Resource Guide below for additional information)

What is the Challenge?
The Neighborhood Challenge is a competition encouraging neighbors to work together to make their neighborhoods sustainable, healthy, and involved. The Challenge recognizes existing improvements and aims to drive further progress in our community.

Who can participate?
Any neighborhood in Sarasota County; your neighborhood does not need to be officially organized as an association to participate.

When is the Challenge?
Neighborhoods can use actions and educational efforts dating from Oct. 1, 2017 to Sept. 30, 2018. All scorecards must be completed and submitted at that time.

Why should my neighborhood participate?

A sustainable neighborhood is connected and engaged with their immediate neighbors and the community at-large, with the tools and confidence to improve their overall quality of life.

Additional benefits to participating include:

  1. Neighborhood Recognition
  2. Bragging Rights
  3. Learn More about Sarasota County
  4. Meet Your Neighbors
  5. Improve the Local Environment

How does the Challenge work?
Neighborhoods complete scorecards (Green, Healthy, and Involved), each with a set of actions, educational efforts and innovation opportunities. Extra credit is also awarded for sharing photos and progress on social media

Getting Started

The Challenge starts with you! Bring your neighbors together to establish the neighborhood’s vision and goals (in general and for the competition). Determine which scorecards best align with your neighborhood’s vision and goals. Previews of each scorecard are available below.


Designate a neighborhood representative to complete the Registration Form when your neighborhood has decided to take on the 2018 Sarasota County Neighborhood Challenge.

Email the Registration Form to This form is available below. Once the Neighborhood Challenge team receives your neighborhood's Registration Form, a URL for each scorecard your neighborhood is interested in will be generated.

Please allow one to two business days to receive the scorecard URLs. Please note the final submission deadline to ensure your neighborhood’s efforts are fully captured.

Neighborhood Challenge Launch Event

Staff and the 2017 Champions recently discussed an overview and impacts of the Neighborhood Challenge on neighborhood engagement, determination, and vitality on at Gulf Gate Library.

Overview Presentation Opportunities

If your neighborhood would like a Neighborhood Challenge overview presentation, please email 

Neighborhood Challenge Documents, Links and Scorecards