Environmental Protection Division

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Our Mission is to “meet the community expectations for a high quality environment”. The Division focuses on three main areas:

Air and Water Quality

Manages the protection and restoration of the county’s air and water resources from impacts of pollution. 
Through various programs and in partnership with industry, safeguards our natural resources at domestic wastewater treatment plants, petroleum storage tank facilities, and at all industrial and commercial businesses that have the potential to pollute our air and water.

Environmental Permitting

Ensures protection of the county’s natural resources through reviewing permits, conducting compliance and monitoring, and encouraging environmental stewardship. Includes reviewing:
  • Tree Permits
  • Earthmoving Permits
  • Coastal Setback approvals
  • Myakka River Protection Zone approvals
  • Building Permits
  • Land Development approvals, monitoring preservation areas, wetland mitigation areas, and littoral zones.

Environmental Planning

Focuses on three areas of responsibility that protect the county’s natural resources – environmental planning, policy, and projects.
Includes comprehensive plan and land use matters, policy development and ordinance amendments, major coastal initiatives such as beach nourishment and restoration projects, and wildlife conservation planning such as the Manatee Protection Plan and Sea Turtle Protection, along with other wide-ranging environmental initiatives.