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Providing great benefits for Sarasota County employees and their families. We understand that taking great care of customers starts with making sure you're also taken care of.

Sarasota County is the recipient of the 2016 State and Local Government Benefits Association (SALGBA) Innovation Challenge Award for developing innovate programs to address the health needs of its workforce.

New Employee Enrollment

Sarasota County offers benefits to employees who work at least 30 hours per week. In addition, family members who meet the county’s requirements may also be covered.

  • Documentation is required if family member coverage is requested.
  • See the Dependent Coverage Requirements link below for additional information.

New employees who do not complete the enrollment process within 30 days will be defaulted into the county’s Core Benefits and changes will not be permitted until the next Annual Enrollment period. 

Changing Benefits Outside the Annual Enrollment Period

Benefit change requests outside the annual enrollment period are permitted when an employee or dependent experiences a qualifying life event (known as a Qualifying Status Change event). These events include birth, adoption, divorce, death, disability, loss of a job. See the links below to review the Qualifying Status Change guide and request to make a benefit change. 

Your new Health and Benefits Professional is here!

Your new Health and Benefits Professional, Bill Alsman, is now available onsite. Learn more about your insurance benefits.  Compare costs, select doctors and get information on care options. Assistance in bill review and claims charges also available.

Let Bill assist you by calling 941-861-5273 (KARE) or email at

Health Concierge Change 2018 Q&A

Remember, health concierge services make your life easier. You no longer have to take time from your busy day to manage your health related tasks. Here’s an example of some of the services that can be provided:

  1. Help you find a high-quality physician, hospital or other health service provider.
  2. Explain your benefits and anticipated out-of-pocket costs.
  3. Review your bills to confirm you are paying the correct amount.
  4. Track health insurance reward credits offered through the county’s Wellness Program.
*All requirements must be complete by 09/30/18

Medical Benefits

The Sarasota County Health Plan is a self-funded medical, dental and health management plan for the employees and their eligible family members, including all of the Constitutional Agencies.

What does self-funded or self-insured mean?

  1. It means Sarasota County Government uses their own plan design and pays for all health care directly instead of paying an insurance company to handle it.
  2. Although the Health Plan was created and designed by the Employee Benefits Division and is managed by the Employee Health Benefits Manager, a "Third Party Administrator" (Aetna) is used to process claims, provide customer service support to members and to run the Provider Network.

Two medical benefit plans are offered, the Aetna Choice Point of Service (POS) II plan and the Aetna Health Fund plan. You can also visit the forms page for additional information about these benefits. Save up to 20 percent off your medical premiums through the county’s Premium Reduction Program by completing required medical and lab services.

Pharmacy Benefits

bottle of prescription medicine on an Rx  pad

Both medical benefit plans have the same prescription benefits offered through the county’s third-party administrator, BeneCard PBF.

Maintenance medications must be filled at a Publix pharmacy or BeneCard’s central fill pharmacy. The forms page for additional information about these benefits.  

Prescription Benefit Description

Maintenance Medication FAQs

Dental Benefits

Two dental benefit plans are offered, the Aetna PPO plan and the Aetna DMO plan. You can also visit the forms page for additional information about these benefits. 

Vision Benefits

Sarasota County offers two ways for members to save money on vision care. 

  1. Employees may enroll in the Advantica Select Plus 150 Plan. 
  2. In addition, discounts for vision services are offered by Aetna through the county’s medical plans. 
  3. You can also visit the forms page for additional information about these benefits.

2018 Benefit Costs

Advantica Vision Plan Summary of Benefits

Flexible Spending Accounts

Flexible Spending with a dollar bill pulled out of shape.

Sarasota County offers both Medical and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA).

  1. These accounts allow employees to save money by placing pre-tax contributions into accounts for medical and dependent care expenses.
  2. In addition, the county contributes 25 percent to participants' Dependent Care FSA, and 5 percent toward the Medical FSA, subject to an annual maximum contribution (note that the five percent Medical FSA begins in January following employment).
  3. The county uses PayFlex to administer employee FSA accounts.
  4. You can also visit the forms page for additional information about these benefits.
Why Enroll in an FSA

FSA Expense Claim Form

Life Insurance

Sarasota County pays for basic term life insurance equal to an employee’s annual pay rounded up to the next $1,000 through Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada. 

  1. Employees can purchase additional life insurance in increments of one or two times their annual pay. 
  2. Coverage is also available for spouses in increments of $5,000 or $10,000, and children ($200 of coverage to age six months, $2,000 of coverage for ages six months to 26). 

In addition, employees may purchase universal life insurance through Allstate that builds cash value. You can also visit the forms page for additional information about these benefits. 

Disability - Short (STD) and Long (LTD) 

Sarasota County provides basic short-term disability coverage that replaces 70 percent of eligible employee’s weekly pay, up to $3,000 biweekly, following a seven calendar day waiting period. 

Long-term disability coverage is also provided at no cost to eligible employees and replaces 40 percent of annual pay following a 90 day waiting period.

  1. Optional long-term disability coverage may also be purchased to provide an additional 20 percent of coverage. 
  2. Disability coverage is offered through Sun Life of Canada. 
  3. You can also visit the forms page for additional information about these benefits.   

Accident and Cancer Insurance

Allstate offers voluntary accident coverage that can offset expenses not paid by medical insurance.

  1. Benefits are paid directly to the insured and include various fixed-dollar amounts for injuries such as dislocations and fractures, as well as reimbursements for follow-up care and health screenings.
  2. The plan also includes coverage for hospital admissions and surgical care.
  3. Allstate also offers voluntary cancer insurance that covers cancer and 29 other specified diseases. 
  4. Employees may elect to cover their dependents as well.
  5. You can also visit the forms page for additional information about these benefits.  

Long Term Care Insurance

Long term care insurance is an important benefit that can prevent individuals from draining their savings accounts if they, or a family member, become incapacitated. People often buy long term care insurance at an early age, because the younger you are, the more affordable the rates are. It’s not just for the elderly or just for nursing home coverage.

UNUM provides long term care insurance policies for the county’s employees. Employees may elect to cover their dependents as well. You can also visit the forms page for additional information about these benefits.  

Identity Theft Protection

There are two options available for identity theft protection.

  1. The first option is to purchase an identity theft protection policy through InfoArmor Identity Protection Experts.
    1. This protection includes 24/7 identity monitoring for things such as new credit card applications and change of address requests; solicitation reduction services (which reduce the number of junk mail and telemarketing calls by up to 20 percent); and a $25,000 identity fraud reimbursement policy.

  2. Free identity theft protection is also provided by Sun Life Financial through its Assist America’s SecurAssist Identity Protection program.
    1. This protection provides 24/7 telephone support and guidance from antifraud experts; registration of up to ten credit or debit cards for enhanced surveillance; early warning of potential threats; and assistance in canceling stolen cards and contacting law enforcement and financial institutions.

You can also visit the forms page for additional information about these benefits.

InfoArmor Identity Theft Protection
2018 Benefit Costs

EAP Sarasota

Confidential counseling and coaching for employees and their families. Employee Assistance Program (EAP) of Sarasota offers confidential counseling and coaching for employees and their families:

  1. Voluntary.
  2. Confidential.
  3. No charge.
  4. Up to six sessions per issue.
  5. Available to employees and their household members.
  6. Home or work issues.
  7. Legal and financial 30-minute consultations.
  8. Marriage, relationship and coaching sessions.
  9. Drug, alcohol or other addiction issues.
  10. Referrals to community agencies/resources.

Some problems hit very suddenly while others build up so slowly it’s hard to recognize how seriously they are affecting your life. Feelings of discomfort are the best clues, especially if they last a significant length of time. The best solution is to talk with a confidential counselor about your circumstances and your feelings as soon as possible.

For any urgent needs, call 24 hours a day at 941-917-1240 or 800-425-7764.

Urgent consultation is available by phone.

EAP also offers no-charge Life Management Coaching: when you need that little nudge to gain clarity or to challenge yourself to dig deeper, why not seek the support available to you to maximize your personal and professional potential?


Get started by contacting an EAP provider and begin realizing your possibilities, your strengths, and motivating yourself to action.

Find the list of EAP providers here and start the counseling/coaching process easily by calling the provider of your choice.

  • In addition to counseling/coaching services, EAP Sarasota has established a professional network of community resources for legal and financial issues.
  • Contact EAP Sarasota at 941-917-1240 for additional details or to receive a referral for your free 30-minute initial consultation.

Don't forget about the LifeWorks website and app available to you and your family. There are several resources, podcasts and articles on items such as stress reduction, sleep, relationships, bankruptcy, divorce, advanced directives, hiring a lawyer and more.

Visit or download the app, "Ceridian LifeWorks Mobile."

User Name: SCG, Password: lifeworks.

Retirement Planning

  • Employees of Sarasota County contribute to the Florida Retirement System (FRS) which offers a choice of a traditional pension plan or an investment plan that permits vesting after only one year of service. 
  • The FRS offers free help to assist with FRS plan choices, the management of retirement account and general financial planning questions.

Employees can call the MyFRS Financial Guidance Line toll free at 1-866-44-MyFRS (1-866-446-9377) between 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET, Monday- Friday to speak with experienced financial planners from Ernst & Young at no cost or visit 

Assistance is also provided to Sarasota County employees seeking answers to fundamental retirement questions and completion of FRS retirement forms. Contact Kim Parsons, Benefits Specialist, at 941-416-8067 or for assistance.

Sarasota County also offers 457 retirement savings plans through Nationwide.

Visit for more information about 457 plan options. 

Employees may schedule an appointment with Nationwide’s local Retirement Specialist, Terry Terry,  to discuss Deferred Compensation questions, enroll in the plan, or receive a Personalized Account Review.


Employee Discounts

Several organizations provide discounts to government employees. Current employees can find a link to available discounts on the county’s intranet site (eNet) by clicking on the HR Info link on the main eNet page.