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Proclamations and Certificates of Recognition are ceremonial documents issued by the Sarasota County Commission. They honor and celebrate events, recognize achievements, and/or increase public awareness. Presentations are made at the start of regular meetings, and are generally limited to four per meeting.

Criteria & Guidelines

  • Proclamations may be issued for a specific day, week, or month that holds local significance and is recognized by a state or federal government agency, notable non-profit organization, or regional trade association.
  • Request must be submitted by a Sarasota County resident or group.
  • Personal proclamations for individuals or businesses will not be accepted. Individual accomplishments of local significance or milestone celebrations may be recognized with a Certificate of Recognition or congratulatory letter.
  • An organization does not have exclusive rights to the day, week or month of their proclamation.
  • Proclamations are not automatically renewed - requests must be made on an annual basis.
  • Multiple requests by an organization may not be honored in the same calendar year.
  • Requests similar to other recognitions may be declined.

Recognitions will not be issued for:

  1. Controversial or polarizing issues, ideological or religious beliefs, or individual convictions;
  2. Anything that may suggest an official county position on a matter under consideration;
  3. Events or organizations with no direct relationship to Sarasota County;
  4. Matters contrary to Sarasota County policy or to the well being of its citizens.

Submitting a Request 

Requests should be made in writing to Commission Services at least 30 days (but no more than six months) in advance to allow time for review and production.

Requests must include: 

  1. Your contact information and a list of those who will accept the recognition;
  2. Background info on the event or organization, draft text (three "whereas" clauses for a proclamation);
  3. Day, week or month to be proclaimed (or the event or organization to be recognized);
  4. How you would like to receive the document: at a Commission meeting; special event (provide details, subject to Commissioner availability); by mail (provide mailing address), or in person.
  5. Date needed. If you are requesting recognition at a Commission meeting, you may check the County Calendar and request a date; we will try to accommodate.

Sample Proclamation from the Board of County Commission  Sample Certificate of Recognition from the Board of County Commission

View sample Proclamation
View sample Certificate of Recognition