Home Rule:

  • OPPOSE cost shifts, unfunded mandates or pre-emptions of Sarasota County authority.
  • OPPOSE any efforts to erode Charter County Authority.

Fiscal Responsibility:

  • SUPPORT efforts that ensure the availability of adequate resources to meet expected and unexpected demands placed  upon county; and keep tax, assessment/fee rates stable.

Economic Vitality and Sustainability:

  • SUPPORT policies/strategies and incentives to help communities sustain healthy economies; and partner with local governments in economic development initiatives, investment in infrastructure, job creation, local revenue flexibility and fair tax structure.
  • SUPPORT broadening the Qualified Targeted Industry Tax Refund (QTI) incentive program to include capital investment and new job creation for expansions/relocations.

Tourism and Tourist Development Tax:

  • SUPPORT state partnering to attract and build sports  tourism.
  • SUPPORT state partnership in world-class rowing facility at Nathan Benderson Park; significant economic engine for the community and state.
  • SUPPORT polices that provide flexibility in expenditure of Tourist Development Tax revenues resulting in enhanced benefits to tourism.
  • OPPOSE any pre-emption of county authority to regulate vacation rentals.
  • OPPOSE any pre-emption of local government to collect tourist development fees and revenue for internet booking  transactions.

Tax Reform:

  • SUPPORT a system that improves equity and fairness among classes of taxpayers and individual taxpayers.
  • SUPPORT retention of local/community authority for setting thresholds and implementing local taxes, including communications services tax (CST) and local business tax
  • SUPPORT expansion of state’s General Fund revenue base by reducing state sales tax exemptions, ensuring exemptions are granted only for essential public purposes.
  • SUPPORT collecting taxes on full retail cost of online travel purchases.

No Revenue Expenditure Caps:

  • SUPPORT retention of local/community control for local revenues and budgets. Ensure local government bond ratings are not jeopardized by caps on non-homestead properties.

Tax Increment Financing:

  • SUPPORT preservation of home rule authority to administer tax increment financing.

Consultant's Competitive Negotiation Act (CCNA):

  • SUPPORT revision of CCNA to allow local and state agencies the option to procure professional services on a “best value basis” in addition to qualification- based selection.

Florida Retirement System (FRS):

  • OPPOSE any efforts that increase the cost of pensions or circumvent collective bargaining at the local level.

Libraries, Arts, Cultural and Historic Preservation:

  • SUPPORT state funding of libraries at levels recommended by the State Library of Florida and advocated by the Florida State Library Association, including state aid to public libraries, the Public Library Construction Program, Library Cooperatives and the Bureau of Braille and  Talking  Books.
  • SUPPORT efforts to restore historic preservation state program grant appropriations.
  • SUPPORT changes to F.S. Section  257.261  related to Florida’s confidentiality of public records law to include all personally identifiable information that a library possesses as exempt and  confidential.