Governing Legislation: Resolution No. 2014-048

Purpose: Maintaining a high level of public safety requires planning and management of a criminal justice system. Sarasota County’s Criminal Justice Commission (CJC) continually discusses the planning and development of additional criminal justice facilities and programs that are important public safety assets, evaluates the effectiveness of current criminal justice programs, monitors potential legislation changes and recommends changes that improve the criminal justice system in Sarasota County.  
The commission is comprised of members such as the chief circuit judge, the state attorney and public defender who represent various areas of the judicial system and assure a criminal justice process that is efficient, cost-effective and timely as well as determining the best way to manage assets and reduce crime.
The commission meets monthly and serves as an advisory board to the Sarasota County Commission on criminal justice issues.  

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 Current Members - 0 Vacancies

Based on Resolution No. 2014-048, adopted April 8, 2014, the current members are listed below.

Ed Brodsky*

Category: State Attorney


Derek Byrd*

Category: Representative from a Community Group who works with Offenders or Victims


Larry Eger*

Category: Public Defender


Ben Vanderneck*

Category: Representative from State or County Jobs Program


Phyllis Galen*

Category: Chief County Judge


Michael Drennon

Category: Representative from Sarasota County Health and Human Services Department


Tom Knight*

Category: Sheriff


Stephanie DiTroia*

Category: State Probation Circuit Administrator


Jim Rouches*

Category: Director of Local Substance Abuse Treatment Program


Karen Rushing  

Category: Clerk of the Circuit Court


Tanaya Shepard*

Category: Director of County Probation or Pretrial Intervention Program


Kimberly Bonner, Chair*

Category: Chief Circuit Judge


Christian Ziegler, Vice Chair*

Category: County Commissioner


* Positions required by statute (Section 951.26)