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We take a multi-discipline approach to managing our water resources. Our “Integrated Water Strategic Initiative" brings biologists, chemists, planners, engineers and operational folks together to address the issue comprehensively.

Our goal is to balance the needs of people with the needs of the environment to manage our water resources effectively by joint coordination of the following areas of responsibility:
  • water supply
  • flood protection
  • water quality
  • natural systems
Three primary outcomes we strive to reach are:
  • fishable and swimmable waters
  • safe and sustainable water supply
  • optimal level of flood protection
For questions about new utilities service, water billing inquiries, utilities account changes, transfers, or disconnection, you should contact the Sarasota County Utility Billing and Customer Service office at 941-861-6790.
Visit the online 24-hour account access site. Access your account history, consumption, payment history or pay your bill online.
To report sewer leaks and sewer backups and sewer emergencies, contact Sarasota County Utilities at (941) 861-6790. If the problem is within city limits, contact the respective municipalities.

 Drinking Water Quality Reports

Drinking Water Quality Report 2016.pdfDrinking Water Quality Report 2016
Drinking Water Quality Report 2015 and Adendum.pdfDrinking Water Quality Report 2015 and Adendum
Drinking Water Quality Report 2014.pdfDrinking Water Quality Report 2014
Drinking Water Quality Report 2013.pdfDrinking Water Quality Report 2013
Drinking Water Quality Report 2012.pdfDrinking Water Quality Report 2012
Drinking Water Quality Report 2011.pdfDrinking Water Quality Report 2011
Drinking Water Quality Report 2010.pdfDrinking Water Quality Report 2010


20 Ways to Use Water Wisely.pdf20 Ways to Use Water Wisely
Drinking Water Quality Report 2016.pdfDrinking Water Quality Report 2016
Uniform Water, Wastewater, and Reclaimed Water Systems Code - Ordinance 2011-044.pdfUniform Water, Wastewater, and Reclaimed Water Systems Code - Ordinance 2011-044
Water Pollution Control Code.pdfWater Pollution Control Code
Water Restriction Quick Guide.pdfWater Restriction Quick Guide

Sarasota County, Florida
TTY: 7-1-1
or 1-800-955-8771
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