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 Low Impact Development


Low Impact Development (LID) is often referred to as green infrastructure. It is an environmentally friendly approach to controlling stormwater runoff and pollution by using alternative designs that mimic nature.  It replicates the natural hydrologic functioning of the landscape by

  • infiltrating, 
  • filtering, 
  • storing, 
  • evaporating, 
  • and detaining stormwater runoff

It is also effective in reducing urban runoff and pollutants from entering waterways.

Clean water resources are essential to the economic vitality of Sarasota County and proper stormwater management is an essential component of water quality protection.

LID systems may either replace or enhance conventional or traditional stormwater management systems.

  • Conventional systems typically control and treat runoff by using volume-based methods such as a single engineered stormwater pond. 
  • Unlike those, LID systems use smaller scale techniques and controls, distributed throughout the site, and integrated as a treatment train. 
  • The goal is to manage rain and runoff as close to where it hits the ground as possible.

We encourage the use of LID practices where possible to help meet our water resources objectives. LID stormwater management practices are not mandatory, but rather a voluntary option in Sarasota County.

We developed a guidance document to provide technical guidance for site assessment, site planning, and site design considerations. The living document currently contains design, construction, and maintenance considerations for the following six common LID practices in Sarasota County: S

  • Shallow Bioretention,
  • Pervious Pavements, 
  • Stormwater Harvesting, 
  • Greenroof Stormwater Treatment System,
  • Rainwater Harvesting, and 
  • Detention with Biofiltration

 Low Impact Development Resources

LID Guidance Document.pdfLID Guidance Document

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