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 Important Information:

Warm Mineral Springs is open! 


Warm Mineral Springs, 12200 San Servando Ave., North Port, is open seven days a week, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. National and State Parks Concessions, Inc. staff welcome all vistiors to Florida’s only naturally formed warm mineral spring. Guests are encouraged to bring lawn or beach chairs. 

Daily admission prices are:
$15-Sarasota County residents/$20-nonresidents 18 and up.
$11.25-Sarasota County residents/$15-nonresidents 6-17.
$7.50-Sarasota County residents/$10-nonresidents age 5 years and under.
Adult nonconsecutive 10-day passes:
$112.50-Sarasota County residents/$170-nonresidents.
Adult monthly passes:
$150 for Sarasota County residents/$200 for nonresidents.
Previously issued passes are no longer valid.

 WMS Long Term


The City of North Port and Sarasota County have also agreed to issue a solicitation for the long term Operation and/or Development of Warm Mineral Springs. This is available at

Important dates for this solicitation are:

Mandatory site visits for interested respondents are listed in the solicitation documents.
Bids are Due on May 23, 2014 at 5 p.m.
Procurement contact is Carmen Gomez at 941-861-5266, or cgomez@scgov.

 Warm Mineral Springs


12200 San Servando Ave., North Port, FL 34287

In December 2010 Sarasota County, in partnership with the city of North Port, purchased the Warm Mineral Springs Resort. As Florida’s only naturally formed warm water mineral spring, the constant 87-degree waters provide soothing comfort that has been enjoyed for generations.

Warm Mineral Springs is listed in the National Register of Historic Places, as one of the most important underwater archaeological sites in America. Artifacts of prehistoric
hunters have been found in the warm mysterious depths of the spring. Scientists anticipate that future excavations may reveal findings that may date as far back as 30,000 years, to a time when Warm Mineral Springs was a dry cave.
Warm Mineral Springs is the only warm water mineral spring in the State of Florida, and is the largest warm water mineral spring in the world! The surface area of the spring is a round pond, it is 1.4-acre in circumference and reaches depths of nearly 250 feet deep in the center.
The hourglass shaped sinkhole (or cenote) is the results of an apparent earthquake that created the subsurface cave-in some 20,000 years ago. At about 45 feet below the surface there are small ledges that encircle the basin, some of which contain shallow caves. Beneath these ledges the springs body expands to form a large cavity where, at about 148 feet below surface, debris accumulates and forms a "Debris Cone" that is thought to be over 30,000 years old. 
The limestone bedrock, from which the sinkhole is formed, comes from marine rock. United States Geological Society hydrologists found the porosity of the limestone formation allowed water interchange with the ground water. Water samples collected from the Floridian Aquifer have revealed that the underground water may have taken 60,000 years to filter through the earth before reaching the surface. The discovery of stalactites and stalagmites found in the caves below the spring’s surface indicates that the underwater caves were once dry, probably during the last Ice Age. 

 Warm Mineral Springs Dive 1959


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For questions or additional information regarding the Warm Mineral Springs improvements, email


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