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 Rental Guidelines

The Venice Community Center is a city-owned, county-operated facility. In 2005, the building underwent a $4.6 million renovation and upgrade. We take great pride in maintaining its cleanliness and aesthetic beauty. We also want to ensure that our state-of-the-art equipment and amenities are preserved in excellent condition for you and future guests.
SECTION I: Event Conditions
  • Permitee must provide a floor plan one week prior to event. If Permitee does not provide a floor plan in the allotted time, it will be the responsibility of the Permitee to set-up for their event.
  • Permit must include set-up and clean-up hours in the reservation.
  • Set-up and clean-up activities should occur on the day of the event.
    • If additional time is needed prior to the event, the renter understands that time will be charged for hours other customers can not use room(s).

Example: If event is Saturday 8 a.m. – 6 p.m., but set-up will be on Friday, 4–7 p.m., Permitee will be charged from 4 p.m. until facility closing hour.

  • If Permitee has items being delivered to or picked up from the event, deliveries are to made during rental period and Permitee or designee must be on site to handle deliveries and equipment pick up.
  • Permitee is responsible for general clean-up of their event.
    • Should the Permitee contract with a catering, janitorial, event, or other company to complete the required clean-up activities, it still remains the Permitee’s responsibility to ensure the clean-up activities have been completed by the end of the reservation period.
    • Should clean-up activities not be completed by the Permitee, the cost of staff time (pursuant to the Parks and Recreation General Fee Schedule) needed to complete the required clean-up activities will be subtracted from the security/damage deposit. Should the cost exceed the amount of the deposit, the Permitee will be billed for the remainder of the balance.
  • All rental items, catering equipment, decorations, floral arrangements, helium tanks, etc., must be removed the same day as event, no later than the end of the rental period.
    • Additional rental fees shall be assessed for the duration of time rental items remain in excess of the rental period, and shall be subtracted from security/damage deposit. Should the cost exceed the amount of the deposit, Permitee will be billed for the remainder of the cost.
  • All building exits will remain clear at all times during the event pursuant to the Fire Code.
  • The Permitee shall notify Venice Community Center staff of any damage that occurs during an event. The Permitee is responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of any Venice Community Center assets which are damaged, lost, or destroyed by the Permitee or anyone attending the event covered under this rental agreement.
    • The cost of such repair or replacement will be subtracted from the security/damage deposit. Should the cost exceed the deposit, Permitee will be billed for the remainder of the cost.
  • Children attending event must be supervised by parent/guardian or Permitee. Children are not to be left unattended or permitted to play in the Lobby or other areas not within rental agreement.
  • No vehicles may be parked under portico. Portico is for drop off and pick up only.
SECTION II: Facility Conditions
  • Any device or material that has the potential to mar or damage the finish of any of the interior surfaces can not be affixed to said surfaces. Several examples of such devices/materials include: tape, nails, hooks, tacks. No decorations or devices may be affixed to the inside or outside walls, doors, or moldings. In addition, any device or material that has the potential to mar or damage the finish of the floors must be moved with a hand cart, dolly, or hand-carried across the floor. If room configuration requires tape on the floor, only painters or paper tape is authorized.
  • The use of glitter and confetti is prohibited
  • The use of fog machines is prohibited
  • Coolers, ice tubs, and kegs may not be used unless they are completely leak proof. If condensation builds up on the outside of said items, Permitee will supply towels to be placed under items.
  • No open flames. Candles are permitted to be used if they are contained in a non-combustible base and if flame is enclosed in glass (pursuant to Fire Code).
  • Smoking is prohibited indoors (pursuant to Sarasota County Ordinance No. 74-41)
SECTION III: Equipment Use Conditions
  • Sound equipment and theatrical lighting, located in the Sound Booth, may only be used by individuals approved by Venice Community Center staff.
    • Individuals must display a high level of competency in the proper operation of equipment.
      • In the case that Individuals do not display the appropriate competency level, Permitee must hire personnel from the Preferred Audio Vendor list for appropriate equipment training.
    • Individuals who have received authorization to use equipment must sign an Acknowledgement Form.
    • If sound or light equipment is damaged or destroyed, Permitee will be billed for repair or replacement costs.
    • Only approved individual(s) may be in Sound Booth.
  • Use of Venice Community Center wireless microphones, projectors, screens, podiums, etc is permitted.
    • If items are damaged, lost, or destroyed, the cost of repair or replacement will be subtracted from audio security deposit. If cost exceeds the security deposit, Permitee will be billed for balance.
SECTION IV: Kitchen Conditions
  • Permitee is responsible for ensuring all applicable conditions are clearly communicated and understood by catering company. Staff recommends a copy of these rental conditions and guidelines be provided to the caterer.
  • The Health Department requires that all caterers be licensed.
  • No food, grease, or oil shall be disposed of in any sink. These items shall be disposed of in the appropriate trash container.
  • All catering equipment and supplies must be removed from the premises within the rental time period.
  • The kitchen facility and all equipment therein, for which the caterers are responsible, must be left in clean condition, i.e., floors mopped, counters wiped down, ovens clean, refrigerators clean, etc.


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