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 Electric Vehicles


Sarasota County has a history of leadership on Electric Vehicles (EVs). Recognizing the myriad potential benefits of EVs, the county has expressed support through resolutions, installation of charging stations and education programs since 2005. Sarasota County was the first local government in Florida to add EVs to its fleet and now is second in the state for number of EVs per capita.

charging staion at Selby Library NEW! Sarasota County recently approved the ChargeUP! Sarasota County program, which provides rebates to certain types​ of businesses, non-profits and local governments within Sarasota County to buy and install EV charging stations. Participants in this limited program may be eligible for one of the following rebates for a new, publicly available station:

  • Non-profits or government organizations: 50 percent of cost, up to $4,000 maximum.
  • Businesses: 25 percent of cost, up to $2,000 maximum.

The application period is now open until the limited funds have been committed. Learn more and apply with the following documents:


 What are Electric Vehicles


A plug-in car uses electricity for some or all of its energy. That electricity is more affordable than gasoline and produced domestically. EV technology reduces fuel cost, vehicle emissions and maintenance needs (no oil changes or tune-ups).electric cars

An all-electric vehicle (EV) stores all its energy in batteries. A plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) relies on batteries for some of its energy and has a gas engine to extend driving range. PHEV technology offers the reduced petroleum consumption and emissions of an all-electric vehicle, together with the driving range expected from a gasoline engine vehicle.

Reasons for buying an electric vehicle may vary as widely as the types of electric vehicles. But often-cited reasons include:

  • Save money through tax incentives, rebates, and eliminating fuel costs.
  • Make a positive environmental impact.
  • Vehicle performance.

 Styles and Sizes


Electric vehicles come in numerous styles and sizes, from electric-powered bicycles to passenger cars and on up to buses and trucks. They are designed for myriad purposes, settings and budgets. The right electric vehicle for you might be different from the EV in your neighbor's garage, which might be different from the EV used by a business or government body. Most major automakers have plug-in vehicles for sale today.

Learn more about vehicle types.


 Charging Your Vehicle


Charging times will vary depending on the type of vehicle, battery size and the type of charging system. New plug-in vehicles come equipped with a 120-volt plug, allowing an owner to charge the car at home with a standard outlet. Some owners choose to install a Level 2 EV charging station for faster charging.

As electric vehicle use has become more common, the number of publicly available charging station locations has grown with it. Sarasota County has installed public charging stations at county facilities throughout the community. Those stations are provided at no cost currently, in an effort to support EV adoption.

Learn more about vehicle charging.


 Learn More...


Sarasota County offers classes and presentations on electric vehicles. You can register for classes at Request a presentation or ask a question by contacting UF/IFAS Extension and Sustainability at or by calling the county Contact Center at 941-861-5000.


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